Happy New Year!

"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
~T.S. Eliot

I'll toast to that! Wishing you the best New Year and beyond :)


Childhood Winters

My dad rescued deteriorating early slides of our family and scanned them into digital files. Hallelujah! He made me a copy of all the pics when we visited him this month. There were some hilarious and if I may say so adorable vintage-Peng Peng gems. I promise to post a few for ya later ;) These pics span the 70's. Yep, that's me, in my tomboy phase and pre-teen dental braces, holding my cherished Dakins.

Oh, and my pet chicken was simply named "Chicken". Thought you'd like that ;)


Winter Wonderland

We certainly had the white Christmas! Hope yours was a magical one. Today brought more snow; the light, fluffy, powdered sugar snow that's a breeze to shovel and fun to walk in. It was good to get out of the house for a short walk this afternoon, down the peacefully deserted bike path. When we got home, guess who I saw dashing through the snow? Gemini the feral cat! I was wondering how she was faring. Apparently she's doing just fine this winter. And I hope you are too! :)


Mr. Ashe and Snowflake

Can you guess who is who? Mr. Ashe and Snowflake are NEW one of a kinds available on my web site today! These be the last little bears before Christmas, but their love shines all year round. Update: they are both SOLD, thank you! Accepting special orders, please inquire.

The skies have given us even more snow today! It will be a white Christmas indeed, and hope it is magical where you are too :)


2 New Bears 2morrow!

I wanted to take pics today, but the sun seems to be setting at 4pm! So tomorrow I'll have the 2 new little bears posted on my web site and send ya'll an email when that happens. They are both one of a kinds, in the new smaller style of this fella who had many requests:
Counting down the hours til we can pop the cork on the Glögg! *Happy Holidays*


Home Again

Well... this tranquil setting is not my home (i wish), but my sister in-laws historic 1700's home in Connecticut. We are safely back in Chicago after a week long road trip visiting our families in PA and CT. I've got loads of catching up to do and pictures to sort through... all to be shared with you soon!

Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" and let you know I'm still breathing :) It's good to get away and good to be back~ and missed being here with you on my blog, a little "home" of sorts.

Oh, BTW... Gemini the feral cat is a girlie! Her post-op recovery indoors went well and I released her back outside the day before we left town. She was very anxious to be free again and bolted right out of the trap, trotted down the alley and disappeared through a fence to her cat-quarters. That makes the last TNR for the season until spring!

Enjoy your Friday :)


New Bears Today

Today is the day! There are still some sweeties to be snatched up from my Holiday web site update:Bigelow, Limited ed of 3
Little Blue Boots, one of a kinds

Candice Cane, one of a kind.

Dear Mr. Meepers (from my personal collection), featured in Teddy Bear & Friends.

♥ 0 ♥ 0 ♥ 0 ♥ 0 ♥


Gemini of my Eye

This morning, I saw Tiger Mama Junior in my yard... she ran when I was taking out the trash, but returned once I went inside the house. I could not resist the golden opportunity to TNR this cat... I've had my eye on her since summer!! She's out of the bitter cold at least, in her covered trap in a vacant heated room upstairs. We'll have her spayed (or neutered if She is a He)/vaccinated tomorrow at the PAWS clinic with funds donated by concerned neighbors, with transport help by my TNR partner/neighbor Kim. It will be an Early (early with a capital E) morning tomorrow for Rob and I, since the clinic opens at 7am and apparently a very long wait line forms before opening!

Since she's my 3rd cat to TNR, I think the name Gemini is fitting, the 3rd sign of the zodiac. Formerly I referred to her as Tiger Mama Junior, cos she's a smaller version of the Tiger Mama I saw pregnant in my yard.

All this happening right before my web update Monday and our trip out of town! But of course!

Gemini is a feral/ unsocialized cat.. she doesn't vocalize and avoids eye contact. However she is being very polite considering how frightened she must be. She bears a great resemblance to Una don't you think?

What else could i do?? Look at the sweet cat! Now s/he will be vaccinated and neutered. That's one less kitty making babies!! Horray for that :)

Now time for me to get back to sewing!! Enjoy your Saturday.


Small Magazine | Winter 09

As I'm preparing for my big web site Holiday Update on Monday Dec 7th, I was pleasantly surprised to discover my bear "Hershey" featured in Small Magazine, Winter 09 issue! If you're unfamiliar with Small, it's a really fresh + cool on-line children's magazine. Thanks to Nicole of Astulabee (her amazing woodland creature is also featured), for giving me the good news via Facebook. BTW, feel free to join the fun on my Facebook page (see sidebar). I post little tidbits there regularly :)
Good news! For Monday's update, I will have 2 "Hershey" style bears (sneak peek above) each is one-of-a-kind in new smaller sizes! Weeeee!

We've got crunchy snow here in Chicago today. Thankfully my studio is warm and there are rations of hot cocoa :) Happy Friday!


Holiday Update Announcement!

* Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is almost here!*

I'm excited to announce my Holiday Update will be happening:

Monday, December 7th

*1pm Central (11am Pacific/ 12pm Mountain/ 2pm Eastern) Please note the update time is 1pm Central, instead of my usual 12 noon!

On my web site, peng-peng.com.

There will be jolly round-headed google-eyed bears, new smaller sized bears, traditional antiqued minis, and a very special Buddha Bear from my own collection! So fasten your seat belts, or shall I say sled-belts! This will be quite a ride!

FYI: I will be out of the studio from Dec 9th til 15th or 16th, visiting family back east! So orders will be shipped Dec 8th, and of course when I return.. which still allows ample shipping time before Christmas :)

Any questions, feel free to email me


Well Rounded (heads that is)

On my table today (and last night): Round-headed bears~ works in progress. You are witnessing the birth of googley-eyed, grinning cuties! Just wanted to give you a peek.. now back to our regular programming (sound of sewing machine running).

Happy 1st day of December!