Teeny Buddha Figurines Tonight!

Twiddles SOLD

Newman SOLD

Cagney SOLD

Mr. Marbles

Po Po & Kung Kung

Lilly SOLD

Can you hear the sound of tiny faint giggles? They'll be in the shop tonight! :) Have a great weekend!


and the lucky Winner is....

(gong sound) Katie Anderson! Please stand up and take a buddha bow! You have won the miniature buddha bear figurine!! Please email me, peng[at]peng-peng.com, so I can send it to you.

Congrats to Katie and big hugs to everyone for your inspiring zen/zen-like quotes... it was a lovely read. And since you guys made it so fun I think there will be another giveaway in the future (horray!) ;O)

Now, I have lots of goodies to show you! I'm really really (that's *2* really's) excited about the new projects I've been working on and here they are:


There will be a *new* batch of mini buddha bear figurines posted in the shop this weekend. One bearded, and all behatted (to protect their tiny heads from the chills :).

Secondly, BIG news: PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS! Of the art variety! I have been dying to show you my illustrations/ art prints and finally the moment has arrived. Here are a few:

These prints are from my original drawings then digitally colored. The ones shown here and others will be available in my Etsy shop beginning this weekend or soon as tonight. These prints measure convenient 8x10" or 8.5x11" for easy framing. I am thrilled to be offering professional quality, archival prints in delicious pigment inks (the best!).

Hope you like!
Have a fabulously fun Friday :)


Web Warming Party & Giveaway ~ You're invited!

The welcome mat is finally out! Come step inside my brand new web site, I hope you'll feel right at home in my new digs. So kick your shoes off, pour a cup of tea and have fun perusing to your hearts delight!

It was a task of enormous proportions to overhaul 5+ years worth of pictures, archives, info, etc. And being my own web designer (read: prone to perpetual tweaking) I think I did a pretty good job of streamlining things. There are new categories for Illustration and Miniature Sculpture, which I'm really excited to be doing this year.

Aaaaand speaking of miniature sculpture.... to celebrate the relaunch of peng-peng.com I am giving away a One-of-a-kind mini buddha bear figurine! To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment with your favorite zen / buddha quote (or something in that vein). One entry per person. Be sure your email is in the comment or as a link through your blog profile, so I can contact you if you win. The winner will be drawn by random number generator before end of this month. This is my first ever giveaway, so I hope it's fun for everyone :)

Hope you like the new site! If you have me bookmarked, be sure to update it since all the pages have changed. Have a great day and happy commenting!


Ice Ice baby

Yes, it's that cold here in the windy city. Today is a high of -15F. I saw icicles about 5 feet long hanging off a church roof. No exaggeration. I'm gonna have to leave the house to get to the art store at some point today. Wish me luck!

Here's some works in progress, unpainted the mini buddha bears are as white as snow. Smart little creatures they are to be sunning themselves in the safety of indoors :) Ahhhhh.... sunshine.

Have a fabulous Friday! And bundle up if you're in the cold regions!


New Tiny Ones to Love

Yippee! New miniatures! I am so loving these wee figurines, which are now in my Etsy shop. The ones in the picture are all 2 inches and under! They have a special quality & uniqueness I hope can be conveyed in the pictures... but really their charm is to see & hold them in person :) Painting is one of my first loves (it was my major in art college) so it feels good to be holding a brush again, as well as working in a new medium such as paperclay. I'm officially now a paperclayaholic.
They come nestled inside their hand-stamped "Buddha Bear" boxes~ all eco-friendly and acid-free (for safely storing or traveling with your tiny companion, if you wish).

Like the pebbles on the beach, each figurine is totally one-of-a-kind.

Hope these miniatures bring you smiles and brighten your days~ especially these wintery ones!



leafy company is good company

Wow, already day 6 into the new year! I hope '09 is off to a good start for you.
Been working behind the scenes here on my new web site! It's really close to being "done" (my web site is always a work in progress, the beast!) and I'll announce when the new-do is up and running.

I've put some plants in my studio and it changes the whole vibe. There is hardly any empty surface space (as one could imagine) so I shuffled some things around to make room. There are 2 large windows; one always has a curtain down cos it faces the neighbors, the other window faces our backyard and gets nice light.

The 'self-watering' pot is ingenious! Why don't they make all pots this way? I got it at the Home Depot, and the plants too. That's a 'lipstick' plant I think. She was propagated a few years ago from clippings off a huge hanging plant that was dying... so she lives on! I love propagating plants, you can get an indefinite amount of plants from just one. My friend has a spider plant 'ancestor' from a spider plant her brother planted for a school project like 30 yrs ago.

Nothings says "winter time" like tropical indoor plants, cranked up humidifier and Hawaiian records. That's what I like to do.
What do you like to do during the 'nesting' months? Any resolutions for the new year?