creatures of habit

foot tracks crossing paths, punctuating the smooth blanket of snow before sunrise this morning; my husband and local feral cat King Henry are off on their morning commutes!
i was tempted to follow King Henry's tracks to find out where he heads to every day, without fail, sun or snow. the little bugger!

speaking of habits, i have joyfully broken the habit of consuming dairy and eggs (yes, even "free-range" eggs which i sadly discovered are not cruelty-free).  it took me a while- 25 years to be precise- to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan. this path of abundance has happily led us (Rob too) to explore/ include delicious raw food dishes (way beyond the 'cold salad' cliche). it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit and we are 5 months in and feeling, noticeably, better than ever! one of the catalysts for change was watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix, which i highly recommend seeing.

some fabulous food inspiration:


hearts ♥

happy Valentine's day! *new pelican with umbrella print* and much more in my Etsy art print shop- Patrician Prints. now go eat some chocolate (or homemade vegan fudge carob cake, as i am ;) xoxo


Love Cat + Miss Marple Mouse

Love Cat & Miss Marple... my February PFATT Marketplace offering! One of a kind set, not to be replicated.
Miss Marple is indeed named after Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (Joan Hickson is my *favorite* Marple). the Mouse Marple enjoys British mystery series and tea with her best friend Love Cat... spending many an evening curled up on LC's lap.
see the full listing and more pics here. SOLD

L o V e  ♥ to you all!