come see my new blog!

 {bye bye Chicago, and my dear old studio of 8 yrs}
we've moved!
come see my new tiny Connecticut studio and blog:


a new chapter

lots has happened since my last blog post/ teddy bear offering (mr. baggins).
one major highlight was me and Rob's  --10 yr belated-- honeymoon to Kauai! it was a dream come true, being my first time there. these pics were taken from our February trip.

in other big news... we have up and moved from Chicago to Connecticut earlier this month after what seemed like an eternity in the making. being close to our families (CT and PA) is wonderful. we have downsized from a 2000 sf home to a 650 sf rental house in the quaint beach town of Niantic, where Rob grew up. life here is good :)

with this new chapter of our lives.. i am closing this blog which archives my Chicago years. bookmark it, as i will keep it up as an archive.
i will begin a fresh blog to document my new surroundings and projects. watch for the link to be posted here when its up.

thanks for stickin by me! hope you're having an awesome summer!



1st bear of 2014: mr. baggins

Happy New Year! The 1st bear out of the garden gate is Mr. Baggins..on PFATT Marketplace today. an earthy little fellow, just 4" seated. yes, i've been watching the Hobbit movie series this week.. i'm not ashamed to admit ;) SOLD


peace on earth

wishing all on earth a peaceful, loving holiday season and beyond! 
see you right around the bend in 2014 with *new* one of a kind bears and dolls.
xo, pp


New! Mr. Greensleeves on PFATT Marketplace today

this cozy little fella is Mr. Greensleeves! with a smile on his face in warm orange/ pine green tie dyed mohair. hop on over to PFATT Marketplace to see all the details. stay warm, pp  (7 degrees here in chicago...brrrrr) SOLD


ladybug bear

* meet my November PFATT Marketplace offering... ladybug!
full details pop on over to PFATT. SOLD

having some techie difficulties w/ my website, so ladybug can only be seen here and on PFATT for the time being..