cheshire (TNR'd) cat in the garden

yesterday about 7am in the garden, i heard a scramble up a neighbors fence. i see our lady Gemini being chased by Mr. Elusive Orange Tabby. Gemini bounds sprightly from the fence, up the garage roof and onto the 100+ year old catalpa tree. the chase ended there. go girl! the birds however were barking agitatedly by the presence of the Cheshire cat resting contentedly on a thick limb. i have yet to TNR orange tabby boy. he (and the other "neighborhood" cats)  is being well-fed by well-meaning neighbors on the other block and therefor is not attracted to my sardine baits. perhaps a neighborly chat is in order (ie: can we complete the circle of care and get this cat to the clinic?). the good thing is i haven't seen any kittens or new cats on the scene. thankfully we got the girls spayed a while ago.

elsewhere outside...here are some pics from our back yard wildflower patch:

i mixed in some tall ornamental grasses last year, from clumps i divided (ignore that huge leafy weed there lower right corner). it attracts all kinds of beneficial bees, butterflies, yellow finches, insects. a natural bird feeder all year round. we never have to water or mulch it. just mow it down in the early spring and nature does the rest! on the project list is to make a water fountain feature to put in the middle of it. we joke about having a crazy 20 foot water spray (the kind you see in public parks) that would drown out any noise. there are days here that are peaceful and quiet, and days that are constant buzzing of noise.. that's city life. right now is one of those peaceful moments... an ideal day to hang out laundry and bake bread (in addition to working on special orders and bears ;)

have a lovely summery day!


NEW Kitty & Dog Duo - June PFATT Marketplace

Patches & Pistachio (PP :) is my June PFATT Marketplace offering. A special one of a kind set! Patches cat is a festive summery combo of red/ white/ blue mohair (as previewed in my previous post) and Pistachio the micro pup is tie dyed mohair. Both have been aged to perfection to appear like love worn toys. Totally unique! SOLD, thank you.

Next months PFATT theme will be *christmas in July*... it should be fun to come up with something for that!