7am in the Garden

(top) our purple clematis is blooming and thriving now in it's 2nd year of planting. last year it was such a scrawny little thing, it's fragile vines barely even reaching the lattice. i had "clematis-envy" last summer looking at the neighbors well-established blooms reaching the top of their garage. this year we can finally enjoy ours :-)

(middle) the organic mesclun salad mix seedlings. they were the first to sprout in our raised bed garden. hooray! something is growing!

(bottom) our first perennial wildflower patch, grown from seeds started last june. this is the glorious result of my experiment with no-dig method of gardening. i learned about it from an article by Lee Reich in Mother Earth News. it blew my mind and just makes so much sense to not disturb the soil. plus it's a lot easier than digging up turf and you can lay a garden bed instantly! we have white, orange and pink in bloom now...

whats blooming in your garden? enjoy your sunday!