i've been cloned

meet Peng Peng, the worlds first genetically modified cloned lamb.
great name, but must they tinker with nature?
avoid GM foods and grow yer own! it's spring so get started!
revisit my post about our urban homestead.


Puzzles n' Peanut ~ PFATT Marketplace

here they are! puzzles the calico and her best buddy peanut, the micro mascot dog (indeed a peanut sized pooch). this one of a kind special duo is available today on PFATT Marketplace.
both are fresh *new designs*, uniquely aged/ worn to look like olde bears and cannot be duplicated. they came out really sweet and i know you will love 'em! SOLD


PFATT preview

i've been cat sitting for a neighbor this week so kitty's are on the brain! i'm working on a new dynamic duo of kitty w/ her pet pooch for this month's PFATT marketplace. the dog is so small that he will have wire or string jointed limbs. kitty may be in my "stick" bear style or a round headed style. you'll just have to be surprised on the 10th!

woof woof + miaooows