The Archival Kid in Me

Can you believe I saved this sheet of Hallmark stickers since 1979?? I was quite an archival 9 year old! These big-headed baby animal stickers were just too darn cute to stick them on my lunch pail, so i just saved them ever so flatly in a neat little envelope (to this very day!). Old habits die hard :O)

Thanks Linda of "Original Felted Folksies" for sending these Littlest Pet Shop stickers by Hasbro, circa 2006 :) The trend continues!


Lovely Vintage

Here's a few items I picked up to add to my vintage sewing supplies stash. Sometimes I'm lucky to find 'new old stock' (meaning vintage that is unused or new in package) such as these, but I also love old n' worn vintage fabrics & trims; the fun is in the combining of it all to make my unique Sock Monkey outfits :O)


Bear Paths Spring Invitational Internet show

*Five* New Peng Peng Bears will be part of Bear Paths Spring Invitational Show, May 23-June 3, 2007

Enjoy the show!


Little Old Buttons

I love using vintage sewing notions and fabrics for my creations... stuff was just made better in the olde days. The antique buttons are so fascinating, I always wonder about the person who originally bought them new from the store, carefully selecting it off the display rack and then taking it home in a little bag... perhaps for a sewing project or replace missing buttons on a dress back in the 1920's-30's. One can't help but think of the era and how life was then.
The buttons I acquire sometimes are still on the original crumpled & worn card after all this time, saved or forgotten, somehow spared from the dustbin, perhaps even traveled around the globe! So I always feel I owe it to the buttons to put them to good use :O)


What I'd do for a Bargain!

This picture brings back ol' memories of my days in Philly (working at Tower Books for $5.50/ hr) when my thrifting trips were at the height of scoring. No obstacle too great or SEPTA commute too hazardous to reach the best thrifts. which of course are always located in the dankest, darkest, drippiest subterranean corners of the city. But they were some fun times indeed. that's me on the left.

Sock Monkey Greetings from Netherlands

Anjo Noija of Bearable Bears, Netherlands, with her Peng Peng sock monkey girl writes:

"Hi Peng Peng!
Greetings from me and my sweet monkey."
~July 2006

Piggy Paradise

ross mill farm pig sanctuary
I grew up in beautiful Bucks County, PA, not far from this wonderful pig sanctuary, Ross Mill Farm- Home of the Pet Pig. Yet I never knew it was there til a few years ago when I had my heart set on adopting a pet pig(s), or more realistically, at least just dreamt about it! So when I was visiting my family in Bucks County I made it a point to spend some time at Ross Mill Farm. What a magical place it is~ situated on 30 acres of pristine woods and streams. I was charmed by the little 'pig cottages' like this clover house with a shingled roof noless! So nice to know a place like this exists for the animals :)

To learn more about these sensitive, highly intelligent creatures:

The Humane Society
and Ross Mill Farm

Perhaps the first ever Artist Bear TATTOO!

Leona from the UK is a Peng Peng Bears superfan! June 2005 she got a tattoo of a Peng Peng Bear on her wrist for her 30th birthday. WOW! It is the image of "Mini Master Poe" (the brown bear) I created June 2004 for Bear Paths Plum Club.
Rock on Leona! :O)

House of Peng Peng Bears

April 2005:

Adorable photos submitted by Karen, a new Peng Peng Bear fan.

This is Karen's 5 yr old daughter Erin with the "House of Peng Peng Bears" poster that she made. Erin had the idea to print out pictures of the bears from my web site and make a cardboard house for them. A masterpiece! (my only suggestion is maybe add a 2nd bathroom to accomodate all these bears! LOL!)

Olde Meets "New"

2 FuN Fotos submitted by a Peng Peng collector:

"Bebe" a Peng Peng monkey (left) pictured here at her loving new home in Pennsylvania, with her new best friend "Carly" a vintage sock monkey, a match made in monkey heaven!

Next, pictured on the left is one of my creations "Rich Poor" Antiqued Sock Monkey, bonding nicely with olde timer Mr. Bob.. discussing the virtues of plaid and oversized trousers.

"Walter" an antiqued Sock Monkey

"Walter" was my first ever 'antiqued' sock monkey, created back in 2005. He's made from unused vintage red heel socks, put through my secret ageing recipe, and wearing a soft n' worn outfit made from snuggly flannel, homespun cotton, a little T-shirt made from a vintage T-shirt, & handmade pompoms. Isn't he sweet?
"Walter" was happily adopted through eBay auction.

Childhood Sock Sweetie

This sock doll girly was a gift from my American grandmother when I was a little girl. She bought it for me because she said it reminded her of me :o) She is a precious doll full of love and memories. Who would guess it would be a prelude of things to come?

Shanghai Surprise!

Peng Peng bear "Fran" travels from Chicago to China as a special Birthday gift! Phew, that is a long flight. Thanks to Eric from Shanghai, China for sharing this photo of your girlfriend/ new Peng Peng Bear mom.

Early Peng Peng miniatures circa 1982, age 12

The summer of 1982, while visiting family in Taiwan, I made these detailed minis. The mini men are each made from 2 pieces of cardboard (a front and back) then glued together. The little guy's red shirt is actually glued on red fabric. What compelled me to be crafting these minis, in 90 degree heat? Must have been something in the noodles!

"Truth comes from the observation of nature"

Whenever Rob and I are out and about in the Los Angeles area, we make a point to visit one of our favorite places; The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Pacific Palisades, California. It is a spiritual retreat amidst a bustling metropolis. The Shrine features an exquisite little windmill on a lake that I could seriously be happy living in :)

The garden meanders gently along with lovely little nooks, mosaic benches and Buddhas sitting peacefully in the foliage. Many picturesque places to simply sit and meditate in nature or watch the swans silently float by.

Do you think they'd notice if I pitched a tent right here?


* Happy Mother's Day *

A pic of my mom, Lili, & me in the early-1970's :)

Much love to mommies everywhere~ Whether you're a mom to 2-legged, 4-legged, no-legged, winged, finned, or leafy, etc.

My beloved childhood overalls my mother made, with the cutest appliqued/ embroidered scene of animals in tropical paradise. I cut parts off to make overalls for Sock Monkey "Honest Herman Tanner", salvaging the appliqued part for a memento. Funny how my childhood pants were repurposed & passed down to a sock monkey... a precious piece of Pengy history lives on!