The Archival Kid in Me

Can you believe I saved this sheet of Hallmark stickers since 1979?? I was quite an archival 9 year old! These big-headed baby animal stickers were just too darn cute to stick them on my lunch pail, so i just saved them ever so flatly in a neat little envelope (to this very day!). Old habits die hard :O)

Thanks Linda of "Original Felted Folksies" for sending these Littlest Pet Shop stickers by Hasbro, circa 2006 :) The trend continues!


Folksie Linda said...

Oh Peng Peng, you are just like me! I keep everything i love! The stickers are adorable.. i remember them well. Now they have Little Pet Shop ones that look somewhat like them.. anime with the big heads and tiny bodies. If i find any stickers, i will drop them in a envelope for you. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Folksie Linda

Peng Peng said...
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Peng Peng said...

Hi Linda, mucho gracias for the adorable stickers you sent!
I just saw the pics of your Corgi pup on your blog, and she looks like she belongs on that Hallmark sticker set! LOL! 2 cute!

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Peng Peng Gal, Yes they should definitely have a corgi on there! i put these aside for you thinking i didn't send them but my mind is not thinking right because I already sent them to you-- geez!
I am so glad you enjoyed them and glad to add to your collection!
Enjoy! Hugs, Folksie Linda girl

cata said...

Oh!!!! nooooo I had the same stickers when I was 15....Oh!
Such a great memories...thank you indeed for sharing!