urban homesteading

thought i'd share with you a little about our urban homestead in case any of you are curious! here's the organic veggie bed in early-summer. this year we laid down the square foot grid and it's a lot more organized and productive. we planted a variety of salad greens, kale, scallions, herbs, broccoli, mustard greens, and peppers... all in this one raised bed! this year we also built a second raised veggie bed for zucchini, tomatoes and whatever else. we potted 17 or so tomato plants to free up space in the beds.

veggie garden in july. cool weather-loving salad greens are all gone and peppers (carnival mix, red/green bell, jalepeno) are starting to produce. the little strawberry plant (below the veg bed) had only one strawberry which a squirrel ate.

yum. basil basil basil.

turned it into nut-free pesto. easy recipe here.

the pesto is great on pizza. i make our own pizza dough (whole wheat) and love my pizza stone. i bake bread and baked potato wedges on it. it changed my life! every kitchen needs one of these.

whole grain bread made in cast iron loaf pan.

same recipe baked on pizza stone. i amend the recipe by using all whole wheat flour and adding 2 TBSP of wheat gluten, sometimes adding ground flax meal, raisins, sunflower and sesame seeds, what have you. my studio is a few feet away from the kitchen so i can hear the oven timer go off :) and that about does it cos it's time for me to make dinner! have a great night. xoxo

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Kingfisher Farm said...

That was one bold squirrel. We have east side squirrels. They steal my basil. Constantly! I can't wait to try the seed variation for pesto, thanks for sharing. Lovely garden and food.