buzzin' fly

(title of this post is a Tim Buckley reference :)
some buzzin' buddies in our garden. it's so rewarding to give the birds n' bees a natural source of food/ habitat. i see bird fights all the time at the neighbors bird feeder, which BTW is attracting the elusive orange feral cat to their yard instead of mine. bright yellow finches visit our wildflower patch every day, nibbling on seedheads of dying back flowers.. so i leave half dying flowers for them and cut the others to rebloom for the insects. a happy balance.

indoors- this week i've battled a 2 day invasion of the ants in the kitchen. we had heavy storms which always makes them come indoors. but it was better than a flooded basement like my neighbor had. after a half dozen natural repellent attempts (vinegar, cinnamon, peppermint oil, bay leaves) i had to resort to the deadly black ant traps which worked in conjunction with the natural remedies. so sad to watch the hard working ants carrying away the poison, i always feel like a murderer! a good repellent is a wad of cotton with a few drops of peppermint essential oil/ orange and or lemon oil stuffed in the hole where the ants come in- smells nice too.

so finally after regaining control of my kitchen, i could get back to working on bears for abracadabra. the plan was to have them there before end of this month (oh, that's in 3 days!). so i'm doing what i caaaann! after that, it's all about Hugglets festival. i need to order business cards and supplies, and waiting on my passport. i can't believe it's only about a month away.
so i best be gettin' busy like a bee... xoxo

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