she's got legs

sock monkey makehi! we've been home a week now from our trip out east visiting family. i did my yearly thrifting with my mom which i always eagerly look forward to. PA still has the best thrifts, the ones we went to even had dressing rooms! our garden has doubled in size while away, so i'm busy tending to the plants and, many new pieces in the studio!

tie dye sock monkey vintage sockslegs, arms and tails are stuffed. today's goal is to stuff all the monkey bodies and this little bear...

mohair stick bearan *american stick bear* in red/ silver/ blue tie dye mohair! right now she looks like a ball of fur but i'm excited to see how she will look--- to be completed by 4th of July ;o)

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Kingfisher Farm said...

Welcome home can we see the garden again??