uncle sam vs nelson

every sock monkey lover is familiar with the legendary nelson-rockford red heel socks. however, from time to time "alternative" socks were also used: argyle, solid colored, striped, or white-heeled. even nelson made a white heeled sock (i used their mini socks to make my mini monkeys)

well, a few years ago i stumbled upon a RARE supply of vintage "uncle sam sox" (i estimate circa 1950's). unused and still with the tags! i have not seen the likes of them since, nor anything ever written about them. so i will talk a little bit about these lovely socks here.

as you can see they are similar brown knit as the classic nelson socks, but white heeled. what yesteryear folks would do is applique felt lips or embroider a red smile (as i did here for my rockford mini monkey):

uncle sam sox are *fine hosiery*, rather than the industrious work sock like nelson. that means a thinner, finer weave yet very soft. it was a lot more challenging to stuff with rags (avoiding a crumpled, pointy looking surface) but i solved that with a secret technique :)

bonus is the cool blue printing on one toe, and the size printed on the heel!

uncle sam sox and nelson socks are:
  • made here in the USA.
  • made of all cotton with a some nylon in heel + toe.
  • make a darn fine monkey!
as i mentioned earlier, my uncle sam sox supply is quite limited so there will be only two uncle sam sock monkeys in my upcoming update!

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