sock monkey countdown!

vintage retro sixties flower power fabricthis is one of my favorites from my stash- vintage flower power medium-weight cotton fabric, in unusual black background! for a long time i didn't have the heart to cut it up, but there was a certain sock monkey it was just perfect for. luckily, i had just enough fabric to make the whole outfit. it was meant to be!

sock monkeys wipthere will be some pretties and fancies for tomorrows big update at 7pm central!

skinny pantsthese belong in the *extra slim* section of the monkey wardrobe. when i have the little collared shirts and pants on on the ironing board, it gives me a chuckle. we hope the monkeys bring you many chuckles tomorrow! they are very excited to meet you too!

for those just tuning in: *the sock monkey update* is happening on my web site tomorrow, july 10 at 7pm central.

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Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh this is going to be so cute!! It's a hot one today, so keep the chai iced!! We have the annual Sugar Creek Arts festival this weekend! Some time you have to come down for that, show Rob's paintings and your drawings, and sneak some bears and monkeys in!