sock monkey SALE! 2 Days only

special announcement!!

we're heading to the UK for Hugglets festival in just 2.5 weeks! I need to make room in my suitcases so I can't bring all the monkeys (and who knows... they may need passports, or quarantine). So lucky you!!~ we're having a crazy 25% OFF SALE for 2 days only on my web site! sale prices are marked in red.SALE ENDS FRIDAY AUGUST 19 @ 9PM CENTRAL at peng-peng.com
(an early christmas gift, birthday gift, i-deserve-to-treat-myself-gift, i-always-wanted-one-of-those-and-now's-the-time gift, etc, etc... :)

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Teds 'n Such said...

Have fun in the UK! Let me know how the show goes. I would love to travel over there one day for the show!