Laws of Nature

Earth 74% covered in water, human body 60% water... Chicago 110% water. The floods have arrived folks. I pray our little Maple tree baby survives. We just planted it 2 days ago. This morning I found a new born bird laying on our patio table. Sadly, she didn't survive. I gently picked her up with a tissue I had in my pocket, and teary eyed I held it's tiny, featherless, fragile body. A short-lived miracle who never saw flight. I returned her to the Earth, and laid a flower over the spot. That is the way of nature. Some make it, some don't. It is just sad to see the ones that don't.

Every evening I do as much landscaping/ gardening as possible, as light + weather permits. Around 9pm the mosquitoes are having a feast of me, so I have to pack it up then. The wheel barrel is nearly full of rain water just from this afternoon. During a heavy rain, the soil compacted / low areas of the yard becomes very obvious. That dark soil square is a new planting experiment, I will discuss later if all goes well!

And who may this be? The mischievous bugger roaming our block. Mystery Cat has been freely using our yard as a litter box. No collar, of course (argh!). No one in the neighborhood has laid claim to this feline. But he appears quite healthy and well fed (and hopefully neutered). I've tried many nontoxic natural cat repellents like citrus peel, coffee grinds, planted lavender. Yet the poo keeps moving from place to place. I turn my back for a minute, and there's a fresh "deposit" in the center of the yard. And I never can catch him in the act! How ironic, after 15 years of taking care of my own cats, that I'd be picking up after this assailant? Such is the way of a nature, I suppose!

Have fun this Father's Day weekend! xoxo


Katie Grace said...

you're such a good soul to give that small miracle with wings, a nice burial to rest in peace and go gently back to heaven...
and that cat! oh dear, what a little mystery. i hope he finds a home - and a litter box! you might try peppermint or camphor oil...sprinkle it about, or make a strong concoction with water, and spray it on the grass where the cat usually poops. he probably won't like it at all.

Rose said...

Good for you for gardening anyway with all that rain and soggy ground! Oooh do tell us soon what the experient in the ground is! It is so nice getting hands (&feet ;) ) dirty in the soil.
Sorry for the little birdie!
Rose (rozbollvr), a big admirer of your buddha bear -- but in your etsy shop I liked your Black Cats Primitive Print and Bronte Spring Owl!!

Rose said...

I have to tell you I left a link for your blog on my facebook page that brightens in up considerably. Most people reading it will have NO IDEA WHAT AN ARTIST BEAR IS !! I hope they check it out.

Brenda said...

Try burying some moth balls - cats don't like the smell and it also works on squirrels. Good luck

Sorry the wee bird didn't make it - they are soooo fragile. Love to see your garden when it's finished.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp
what a beautiful post! it is just filled with life in all forms.
have a wonderful weekend!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh your tree will need the water in the heat. Don't worry! Your gardening efforts are already paying off, so pretty! The thunder storms have fried the internet tower to Kingfisher Farm so we are stranded offline, hopefully that will soon change!