Wildflowers and Canopies

For a big city like Chicago, I'm thankful for the many natural areas like the river walks, prairies, savannas, woodlands. I drive by this scenic area a few times a week on the way to the gym, so finally yesterday evening Rob and I did some exploring.

This is a section of Legion Park, behind North Park University. We decided to go this route since it was quieter and non-recreational (no noisy BBQ's or groups of people). The only folks we encountered was a couple paddling silently by on a canoe. Rob wants to get kayaks, but I say canoe-it's more romantic. Besides, how else can I bring sandwiches and other provisions? Soggy backpack is not for me (been there, done that). But I digress. We strolled through native prairie/ meadow abundant with towering grasses, echinacea, wild flowers and daisies.

And said hello to this cute line up of ducks. I kinda like this blurry shot of them too:

Our nature stroll concluded beneath the cool shade of the canopy :)

Hope you had a fun weekend with some outdoorsy delights!
Even though summer just started, doesn't it seem to be flying by? Enjoy every minute of it!


Kingfisher Farm said...

wow its hard to believe that is in Chicago!

Katie Grace said...

pretty! great area.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh what a beautiful place!
i cannot believe tommorow is july already either!