Minnie Mouse in the house!

Firstly, thanks so much for all the lovely comments/ response to "Little Wunders" update yesterday! It's been a long while since I made new bears so your kind words have been very encouraging. You guys are "wunderful" indeed!

Now, I'm happy to introduce a very special OOAK creation "Peng Peng's Minnie" ~ inspired by an antique Minnie Mouse doll. Minnie was listed last night on eBay for 5 day auction, ending June 9th. She'd be tickled if you'd visit her! My eBay seller ID is pengpengbears. update: Minnie is adopted, thank you!

My apologies for being a bit tardy with the announced 8pm eBay listing, who would guess it would take me 45 minutes to get my listing going (revisions, missing photos, etc)! So Minnie's auction started about 8:35pm. I'm a bit rusty with the eBay apparently, but hope to do more listings on a regular basis (like I did in my early days of bear making ;).

A beautiful warm day today in Chicago, perhaps we will dine alfresco in the yard tonight! So I better get a jump on cooking that "Old Country Pie" ~ Moosewood recipe, as usual :)

Have an excellent weekend! xoxo


Kingfisher Farm said...

She was worth waiting for!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Oh--she's adorable!