Bundle Mumble Jumble

Expecting a(nother) severe rain storm. The garden, animals and trees could use the water after this incredible heat wave. The last storm we had knocked out my tallest blue Delphinium (there was only 3 of them), so I've got bamboo sticks supporting the taller plants, just in case. Our bitty Maple tree-whose trunk is the width of my finger- survived, miraculously!

Feeling a bit scattered, perhaps it's the stifling heat. One thing's for sure, my studio needs a total cleaning out. I've got a jumble of materials all over the place, and some jumble has crept to a second room upstairs that used to just be for my industrial sized bags of polyfil.

While I was fishing around upstairs (and nearly crying when I found my beloved 3 cats baby medical records), it reminded me that I've been meaning to make neat little Pengy destash bundles for the shop. I've amassed a TON of fabric & vintage notions that I can't possibly use all of it. So now that I've said it, I guess I'll have to actually do it! :D

Have a Happy Thursday! Stay cool and in the shade :)


Mare said...

Hi PengPeng, we are dealing with LOTS of humidity here too (drip drip) It sure does take the starch out of my plans for the day sometimes! I too need to get upstairs (more heat...) and clean out my studio, because i am now lugging everything down to the kitchen table and leaving my unfinished projects there for days...oiy....

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
it is hot here today too. :)
i cannot wait to see your stash bags! please let me know when they are available. what fun!

theresa said...

mmmmmm..other people's stuff! Fun! I wanna take a peek at what you got!