peace on earth

wishing all on earth a peaceful, loving holiday season and beyond! 
see you right around the bend in 2014 with *new* one of a kind bears and dolls.
xo, pp


New! Mr. Greensleeves on PFATT Marketplace today

this cozy little fella is Mr. Greensleeves! with a smile on his face in warm orange/ pine green tie dyed mohair. hop on over to PFATT Marketplace to see all the details. stay warm, pp  (7 degrees here in chicago...brrrrr) SOLD


ladybug bear

* meet my November PFATT Marketplace offering... ladybug!
full details pop on over to PFATT. SOLD

having some techie difficulties w/ my website, so ladybug can only be seen here and on PFATT for the time being..


mischief night: new bears in progress!

on this eve of halloween....new tie dyed bears are in the works! the markings have turned out amazing..

 unsure what this purple n' green combo will be... i'm thinking a crazy cat ;)

we are stocked up with vegan treats (pretzels and dark chocolate) for the kiddies tomorrow! hopefully no rain on their little costumes. 

will keep you posted when the new bears are ready...
have a sweet and safe halloween (*_ _ _*)


harvest mice ~ Ivan & Ivy

say hello to Ivan & Ivy~ 2 sweet mini meeces! my September offering on PFATT Marketplace.  SOLD
i just love making the mice, more the merrier! i've spoken much about cats but little known fact is i had a pet mouse, Jolene, way back in the 80s...(definitely no cats about then). but that's a whole other story.  xx


*new* Garden Mice on PFATT Marketplace

July PFATT Marketplace: these wee meeces have all been snatched up. thank you! 
i am accepting orders for a few more mini mice.. colors will vary (they are all one of a kinds). send me an email to place an order.
happy summer!


king of the jungle

rrroooaarrrrr! (*i want orange-lion kitty!*) 
happy monday :)


Mark you calendars: An Apology to Elephants HBO doc Premieres on Earth Day

Don't miss the documentary An Apology to Elephants, which will be premiering on HBO on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, at 7 p.m. ET (check local listings for times in your region). The film explores how elephants—intelligent and fascinating animals who lead rich social lives in the wild and play an essential role in global ecology—have been exploited and abused by the circus and zoo industries. Click here to learn more about the documentary as well as the people and elephants it features.
Since HBO started working on this film two years ago, PETA has played an instrumental role by supplying the filmmaker with footage you'll see in the film, extensive information about elephants in captivity, and elephant expert recommendations.
Please set your DVRs so you don't miss the premiere of An Apology to Elephants on HBO on Monday, April 22, at 7 p.m. ET (check local listings for times in your region), and be sure to alert your family and friends to this informative and poignant film!


lady rabbits in VW bugs

hop skip jump.. or grab your frilly parasol and start up the teal blue VW bug :)
see these fancy rabbits in my etsy art print shop.
happy easter!


earth hour tonight

i wonder if the street lights will be out too? wishful thinking!  
candles are ready, signing off...


♣ New! Lucky Mice on PFATT

miniature artist bear mouse mice antique vintage style

we lucky meeces have all been adopted! thank you kindly!

here's my inspiration~ antique wooden mickey mouse toys with bead limbs:

i love those crazy noodley limbs on the early mickey's and early hand drawn black and white animations. hmmm... me thinks i should make black meeces next?


Art Barn Fundraiser for Farm Animal Sanctuary

moo-moos and cluck-clucks! I've donated a few Patrician Prints for Art Barn fundraiser to benefit rescued farm animals at Happy Trails Sanctuary, Ohio (click banner). wish i lived closer to spend time with all the animals and attend this worthwhile event!
even if you aren't in Ohio, you can still help by sponsoring an individual, like Liberace the rooster, Diamond the gray mare, or Stg Pepper the pig and many many more.

back to the sewing table.. little meeces in progress for tomorrow: March PFATT Marketplace update! enjoy your saturday!


Patrician Prints 1000 Etsy Sales!

happy March! we've reached the threshold: 1000 Etsy sales! to celebrate (and get me away from the computer) we went to our favorite restaurant last night, Amitabul- korean vegan temple cuisine. their kimchi is the *best* i've ever had. (now i just remembered there are leftovers in the fridge i must attack! :)

the prints have kept me one busy peng peng and yes.. i know i promised new bears last month (how time whizzes by!). i have an acute case of bearmakers guilt, lol.  balancing different projects can be a challenge, though i find it keeps things fresh.  i have new ideas brewing and the sewing table is a-callin'...


creatures of habit

foot tracks crossing paths, punctuating the smooth blanket of snow before sunrise this morning; my husband and local feral cat King Henry are off on their morning commutes!
i was tempted to follow King Henry's tracks to find out where he heads to every day, without fail, sun or snow. the little bugger!

speaking of habits, i have joyfully broken the habit of consuming dairy and eggs (yes, even "free-range" eggs which i sadly discovered are not cruelty-free).  it took me a while- 25 years to be precise- to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan. this path of abundance has happily led us (Rob too) to explore/ include delicious raw food dishes (way beyond the 'cold salad' cliche). it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit and we are 5 months in and feeling, noticeably, better than ever! one of the catalysts for change was watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix, which i highly recommend seeing.

some fabulous food inspiration:


hearts ♥

happy Valentine's day! *new pelican with umbrella print* and much more in my Etsy art print shop- Patrician Prints. now go eat some chocolate (or homemade vegan fudge carob cake, as i am ;) xoxo


Love Cat + Miss Marple Mouse

Love Cat & Miss Marple... my February PFATT Marketplace offering! One of a kind set, not to be replicated.
Miss Marple is indeed named after Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (Joan Hickson is my *favorite* Marple). the Mouse Marple enjoys British mystery series and tea with her best friend Love Cat... spending many an evening curled up on LC's lap.
see the full listing and more pics here. SOLD

L o V e  ♥ to you all!


aquatic buddha baby hippo

baby mother love water hippo
bulgy-eyed floaty baby hippo... can i hug you?

just a quick pop in to let you know that yes, i'm still breathing!
my print shop has kept me quite occupied since Christmas, and that side of my art making has taken over every flat surface in my studio. however....fear not my bear friends! i am to don my sewing apron once again ;)  exciting peng peng bear plans in the works for february




 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
Be Light. Be Love ♥


Toot Toot + Beep Beep on PFATT Marketplace


our picnic basket is packed with ginger cookies and little tea sandwiches... and we're all ready for a road trip to your home! come see this very special one-of-a-kind set with vintage car tin, today on PFATT Marketplace.

Happy 2013!