who will be wearing these tomorrow?

a little bear, that's for sure! this is my sneak peek for PFATT's june update, happening tomorrow june 10th at 10am pacific. i just love this dr. suess-ish fabric!

just an FYI, we are visiting family next week for about 2 weeks (driving) so i'm trying to get some bears made before then. when we get back, i will be plunging into sock monkey making for a JULY MONKEY UPDATE. lots on my calendar but it's all good :)


socks and shibori

vintage red heel socks clothes line summermy neighbors must be thinking "that's a lot of socks!"

summer wildflowersthe wildflowers in our yard are blooming like crazy. a cornucopia of colors which have inspired the hues in my latest tie dyed monkey socks:

while i had the dye pot going, i couldn't resist throwing in some girl/ guy tees:

these are shibori japanese dying techniques. by no means am i a pro, but i'm getting the hang of it. it's a fun DIY project. the hardest part is waiting for the dye bath and seeing how it turned out!

another blistering 100 degree day in chicago, so i'm staying put in the studio with a tall glass of iced half-decaf coffee. i am working on a few new bears before diving head on into monkey madness. and stay tuned for PFATT offering in 2 days. stay cool and in the shade where you are!


etsy treasury - blu bobo strikes again!

once again, blu bobo has been featured in a lovely etsy treasury! i think my other patterns may be getting jealous! ;)

i had a busy weekend slaving over a pot o' sock stew (dyeing socks, that is) and had some awesome results! will show ya pics of that tomorrow or so, since i took a lot of pics to sort through.

hope you had a fabulous june weekend!