Muted Monkeys

I'm looooving the muted fall colors of my new sock monkeys in progress. There's also a muted rose-colored monkey who's hiding off camera. These 3 monkeys will be quite avant-garde and primitive, just the way we like 'em! I'm working on a BIG October update with exciting new designs of the mohair, cloth, and sock kind! Stay tuned for previews as thing progress...



New Work ~ Folk Art + PFATT

It's freeZZzing out today! Then again, anytime the temps dip under 65 degrees I consider it winter ;o) Yet I'm an October baby, go figure! Now, to share with you my new/ yet not-so-new project... folk art dolls and animals! Inspired by my long admiration of Amish cloth rag dolls and animals, I've wanted to create simple yet distinctive cloth dolls of my own. This seedling of an idea began in my head, oh some 3 odd years ago. That's when I made my first dolls who have been very patiently waiting for some clothes! The time just feels right, so I'm happy to present NEW folk art pieces for Autumn! Excited? I hope so!

The first offering is "Little Pig"~ now on eBay SOLD, thank you! He's made from my own original pattern, and aged to feel like a genuine old cloth toy. The faceless rag doll pictured is also one of my creations... I will be making more very soon! They make wonderful companions for your teddy bears and antique toys :) BTW, I'm a new member of PFATT and proud to be in the company of so many amazing primitive/ folk artists! My eBay seller id: pengpengbears

Have a fine day and bundle up!!


It's official...

....summer is over!

Our veggie beer brats, onions/peppers and corn cobs were saved from the elements in a nick of time with a speedy deck door hand off. The s'mores I made indoors ;)
Now what's for dinner tonight? I'm out of ideas and slim on ingredients. Hmmmm... I'll think of something!

We watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night.. Netflix sent us a barely-playable copy that oddly didn't even have a scene selection menu! What's up with that? So when the DVD froze up, we removed the disc, wiped it, and then had to fast forward or rewind to where we left off several times. It was like a 4 hour cinematic ordeal trying to get through it! It was a good film, so I'm glad we watched it even with all the fast forwards/rewinds.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!


♪ ♫ Lollipop Piggies ♪ ♫

♪ ♫ Lollipop Lollipop.....♪ ♫

♪ ♫ oh lolly-lollypop.... ♪ ♫

♪ ♫ LoLLiPoP! ♪ ♫

My first ever mohair piggies! "Wiggles" (left) and "Giggles" (right) have hand sculpted noses!
They are very similar (close twins) but each has a unique snout and is One of a kind creation.

Email me for more info + if you'd like to adopt a cutie!


Spooky Shadow

Late in my studio last night, I looked up and saw this. Could it be a colony of bats flying about the dark moon?

Or is it just a spooky shadow of a hanging vine plant, cast by this small dragonfly lamp ;)
Neat effect, eh? Halloween is on it's way!

p.s. the new PIGGIES will be making their big debut tomorrow!! Yes!


From the Garden

a dream garden/ house of mine (who can resist an English cottage?)

the ethereal garden of artist Eugene Leroy (French abstract expressionist)

from my garden: dried lavender to send with an owl bundle.
We're spending every minute we can out of doors, savoring the last days of summer.

~Enjoy this beautiful weekend~


Early Christmas Cheer and Siamese Dreams

L-R: Caspar, Dalaigh, Muirgheal
Our little friends are quite excited about Christmas and feel it's never too early for spreading holiday cheer! They're now up in the shop! (update: Caspar + Muirgheal are SOLD)

Be sure to visit their spooky Halloween counterparts... the amazing double-headed Buddha Bear Witch Gnomes! (All the single headed ones are SOLD OUT). I wonder if our Siamese twins are too weird for most? They were inspired by those fabulous vintage 2-headed troll dolls. If you like strange and unusual (as I do) they'd love to bring you double the giggles and double the magic ;) And they promise to only eat a smidgen of chocolate!

Have a fun Tuesday ^-^


Surprise! Shop Update TONIGHT!

* * * You're invited to a spook-tacular shop update tonight! There will be NEW OOAK miniature sculptures: a coven of Bewitching Buddha Bears, a trio of Magical Castles, and a pair of wise Owls! * * *

7pm Central (5pm Pacific/ 6pm Mountain/ 8pm Eastern) in my Etsy shop.

wondering what time the update will be where you live? timeanddate.com


a delicious mess

I've found my favorite combination:
Kiddie size sugar cone, twist with chocolate sprinkle dip please! (alternate dip is the peanut crunch, depending on mood). Rob always gets the cherry dip. How do they get those artificial flavors so realistic?

Another mess: My little palette. Don't ask me how I can mix paint on this thing, but I do!
The mini Halloween Buddha Bear sculptures are being colorized today... stay tuned for update announcement! They are looking amazing if I may say so :)

Have a Happy Thursday, perhaps with ice cream on top!