Treasuries and Rainbows

As much as I poke around on Etsy, you'd think I'd know about this, but I had no idea! Vivianne (thanks sweetie) told me that my TADHG Miniature Gnome Buddha Bear sculpture was featured in an Etsy Treasury chosen by myzoetrope (TY myzoetrope!). What a nice surprise on this rainy gray day. And here's the other surprise, courtesy of Mother Nature:

Can you see the full arc? It's a biggie!

Wow! I'm like a crazed tourist whenever I see a rainbow, grabbing for my camera, taking pictures from every angle. Look how far the rainbow's reach is, making everything else look so small. When you step back and look at things, we all are very small in this great universe. Can you tell I've been reading up on astronomy lately? Yep, I'm a star gazer :)

talk soon! xo


Happy Earth Day & SALE!

Happy Earth Day to you!

In Celebration of Earth Day (and Mother's Day approaching), I'm having a special offer in my Etsy shop this weekend only March 28-29:

Buy One Art Print, get One Art Print FREE!! Sale had ended, thank u! No limits, your choice :) If you've had an inkling or curiosity about my art prints, or would like to give someone a nice gift, now is a perfect time. No promo code needed, I will send a revised invoice.


~ and remember:

Earth Hour is tonight, Saturday March 28, at 8:30pm local time wherever you live on the planet Earth. "Vote Earth" by turning off your lights for one hour :)

I'm looking forward to Earth Hour, I hope all the little houses in my neighborhood will be cozy and dark (except for those dang city street lights!).

for more info:

Have a glorious, green weekend!
xo, Peng Peng


A HOOTenanny of New Prints!

"mama", 8"x10"

"Hoot", 8"x10"

"Buddha Bear in the Pom Poms", 8"x10"

These new prints are a bit of an experiment that turned out quite delightfully. They are prints of original ink illustrations on brown paper bag, then digitally colored. The brown bag's texture, seams, and speckled irregularities add interest to the print. The images have a naive saw-toothed edge, so the effect is like a whimsical matte board!
Each measures 8"x10" for easy framing, just pop 'em in! Note: the watermark does not appear on the actual print ;)

Oh, and they're available now in my shop.

Gosh, it's Wednesday already! I've got a Miss Marple DVD to enjoy tonight. Can't resist a good mystery :) xo


One Lump or Two?

Many of you know I'm a self-professed Cat Person. However that doesn't exclude me from having Dachshund daydreams :) I am completely enamored with the "hot dog" dog.
I just came across Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey. Okay, here we've got one of my favorite Artists and favorite dog: I MUST get this book!

Another one of my dear, favorite painters, Pierre Bonnard also had a Dax. "Quelle coïncidence!"
It is touching to see the artists' animal companions appear in their work, as did Picasso and Bonnard (below) for example. Capturing a moment in time...

Anyone have a Dachshund I can borrow? ;0)

Have a great week!


Get to Gnome Me!

(click pic to see it big)

Look what popped out of the garden today! New Miniature Gnome Buddha Bears! I spied them planting seeds whilst singing a song... in a strange language I couldn't understand. But 'twas the most joyous tune I had ever heard! The shyest gnome hid behind a leaf and lost his pointed hat in the confusion, but a few minutes later he was happy to pose for my picture with his friends :O) I would gladly lend him my hat, but it would be a tad too big...

I will be posting these wee folk in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow. If you'd like to reserve a little gnome(s) just e-mail me. (Gnomes A, C, E are SOLD)

Happy day to you!


Mr. Jollies! New Bear, 1 Day eBay Auction

When mohair and paper clay meet! I present to you my first bear with a sculpted paper clay muzzle, Mr. Jollies! He is on eBay for ONE DAY auction, with "buy it now" option, going on right now :) SOLD, thank you!

Owlies update: 2 more new owls will be posted in my Etsy shop today!

And finally... a reminder that Snickerdoodle ellie eBay auction is ending TONIGHT on eBay. SOLD, thank you!

Thanks for looking!


Owlies Debut!

(click pic to see it big)

PP Little Owls (the PP stands for Pretty & Painted too :) This debut group is festively colored, and coincidentally quite egg-shaped! I will be listing them a few at a time in my Etsy shop, with more pictures, in the next coming days!

How my owlies come to life:
  • Each is individually hand-sculpted from paper clay, over an internal armature and enclosed weight.
  • They have premium hand blown glass eyes (same I use for teddy bears) or old buttons eyes.
  • Beaks are genuine gemstones.
  • Some are "mosaic" with embedded beads and buttons.
  • Hand painted in artist grade acrylics.
  • Sensitively aged to appear like old relics.
  • Sealed with a UV protective varnish.
  • Artist grade materials used throughout.
  • Signed and dated on the bottom by me.
Hope you like my owl preview! I will send an email announcement when I begin to list them in my Etsy shop.

Pepperoni & Marshmallow Peanutte

It isn't a strange pizza topping, but rather 2 very sweet bears! Introducing Pepperoni & Marshmallow Peanutte, new OOAK's with sculpted paper clay eyes.

Marshmallow Peanutte: 5 1/4" tall, hand dyed & aged Schulte mohair, sculpted paper clay eyes (painted and sealed), waxed thread nose on mohair muzzle, hand dyed wool felt foot pads, fully jointed, polyfil/ excelsior, wooden bead. One of a kind. $225 USD. SOLD

Marshmallow Peanutte, that's me~ spelled with two T's and an E!

Pepperoni: 5 1/2" tall, hand dyed & aged Schulte mohair, sculpted paper clay eyes (painted and sealed), waxed thread nose on mohair muzzle, fully jointed, polyfil with encased weight, vintage Chinese tassels. One of a kind. $225 USD SOLD

I see you! Do you see me? I'm Pepperoni, tee hee!
To adopt is easy, just send me an email: peng@peng-peng.com
We've been adopted! thank you!
Have enchanted teddy bear dreams... xoxo


There IS a God!

Don't ask me why I torture myself on a daily basis like this. I have Topanga and San Francsico (2 of my dream towns to live in) listed in my daily Yahoo weather, just as a comparison to Chicago. There are far and few days of the year in which Chicago's climate so closely resembles my dream towns... and today is one of those rarities!

The gods have smiled on us today :O)

My windows are open, curtains pulled back, and now I must get crackin' on my projects... though it's a bit hard to concentrate on indoorsy stuff when it's so beautiful outside. But I'm not complaining :)

Enjoy the day!!!


A hint of things to come!

Oh gosh, how cute are these gnome doors? I think I need one, but first a tree in the yard would be nice. Our backyard is a square flatbed of grass, that's the only "green" area the previous owner left behind, not even a single shrub. But we have grand plans to "restore" it into a natural prairie habitat that is suited for our mid-western climate and wouldn't require much maintenance once established (unlike those manicured lawns that need SO much maintenance and resources). I'm all about the natural gardening. Anyhoo, I'm veering off topic, 'cos what I really want to let you know is I've got a little secret (maybe obvious by now) up my sleeve for March... of the tall-pointy-hat variety! I think they will tickle you green!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!