3 new wee bears today!

miniature mohair bears
mini mohair bears springleft-right: chili (dog), pickles, sparky

here they are...the wee three's! just posted them this evening on my web site. it's really 2 bears and 1 dog :) i'm loving the way they turned out- so fun. i hope you agree!

*all are 3 3/4" tall, hand dyed/ aged mohair, excelsior/ polyfil in tiny limbs, 5 way jointed, hand painted glass eyes, clothes made from very soft vintage cotton "crazy quilt" feedsack (removable). one of a kinds! SOLD OUT, thank u!


whoa! etsy treasury catch up

big hugs to the curators who featured my bear patterns in these etsy treasuries!! i feel the love!

**** i will try to have a new bear to show you this earth day/ easter weekend - have a great one :) guess what? i couldn't help myself and now there are 2 (maybe 3) bears in progress- whoo hoo!! will let you know when they're ready... i'm aiming for tues-wed. xoxo


a natural studio

DIY ladder shelves by mayalu
DIY ladder shelves, a photo by mayalu on Flickr.
i'm in the midst of a mini-spring cleaning session in my studio, largely due to my recent (and revisited every so often) plastic purge kick. it's unhealthy for us and the environment, yet so difficult to avoid- like the humidifier, brita filter, packaging, computer, phone, car, etc. one thing that's easy to declutter is the plastic storage, at least we can minimize that right? we all have those plastic bins/ containers/ jars/ bags. craft rooms seem to be a magnet for that. well, my quest is to have no more of it! can it be done? yes i say!

inspiration here:

my old roller skate case and 45 rpm record case, perfect for holding various supplies.

most stuff around the house can be repurposed, or found at yard sales + thrifts: glass, wood, wire + wicker baskets, steel tool boxes + lunchboxes, steel file cabinets, small suitcases, recipe card boxes. i'm having fun "naturalizing" the studio, and hope there are some ideas here you can use! happy spring cleaning ♥


more goodies! new bears at abracadabra UK

april is sprouting little bears everywhere! who's been fertilizing my mohair?? lol! my new gang has just arrived at abracadabra UK shop. a sunny medley of styles and colors... all one of a kinds. these are the fruits of last months behind-the-scenes sewing! hope they bring you more spring smiles :)


apple + popcorn

double thank you's to everyone who adopted bears from my spring update yesterday! and so glad to hear the positive responses to my *new design* larger-sized bears (larger meaning over 5 inches, lol). they are still pretty smallish by "normal" standards.

currently there are 2 bears still needing homes- apple and wee bear popcorn. like good old fashioned snacks :) both are made of gorgeous hand-dyed "antique fuschia pink" mohair, which i just love... it looks both vintage yet fresh! if you'd like to put a popcorn or apple in your pocket, send me an email to adopt: peng@peng-peng.com.

heading outside to do some long-awaited gardening this morning, then packing up orders! have a wonderful wednesday ☀


spring update tomorrow!!

wee anime mohair bears
master ted smile bearyay! my web site spring update is happening tomorrow, APRIL 12 @ 12 noon central (10am pacific/ 11am mtn/ 1pm eastern). international friends: click here for time conversion.

be sure to refresh your browser at the scheduled time to see all the new spring bears! there will be 7 (maybe 8) bears in lovely spring hues and smiling faces. stop by early to get your favorite bear(s) at peng-peng.com tomorrow! now i'm off to sew a certain Mr. Peach his little outfit...


pfatt april bear - marla marbles

tie dye mohair bear
mohair spring bearhere she is! miss marla marbles- one of a kind sweetie in hand dyed- tie dyed mohair... gorgeous color combo and totally one of a kind. her glass eyes i hand painted purple, 5 way jointed, gently aged. see her listing at PFATT marketplace today! SOLD, thank you!

have a sunny sunday ☺


spring is sprouting

mohair bears red bluesome works in progress for my spring update!
miniature mohair bearshappy spring colors: tulip red, peachy apricot, leafy green, tomato orange, snow cone electric blue ...

hand dyed german mohairand more works in progess in other areas of the house...
our organic veggie garden sprout-lings:

happy tomato sproutsi've been tending over the little peat pots with glee. if the harvest goes well, we'll be doing a lot of canning this fall. the goal is to have enough filled ball mason jars to last us til next spring. it's tomato madness!

will show you more sneak peeks of new bears til i make the official update announcement...which will be very soon.

have a glorious shining spring weekend!


meat free monday - 8 days a week

should i dust off my guitar and give it a try? i think i have somewhat of a knack for jingles ♪