fly away ears

ever have a hair day like this? i know i have :) these are the extra long doxies i mentioned a while back. poor pups, looking at me with their no-eyes saying "please finish us"! why am i procrastinating? well, what happens is i tend to start something else... like a red/white/blue calico cat perhaps?

i typically work on multiple bears at a time. it keeps things loose and fresh- not so much pressure when i can stop and pick up something else. and the neat thing is they all get done around the same time and that's a satisfying feeling! hope to show you more bears in progress and when/where they will be available.

have a sweet saturday!


thrifting woe and palm sized insanity

nnnnooooooooooo! (in the its-too-cute-please-turn-if-off kind of way). the baby looks like a mini Norfin troll doll i used to have, laying on it's back just like this.  thanks J for sending me the link and making me smile. via cuteoverload. today is a beauuuutiful day and going much more smoothly than yesterdays clumsy sleep-deprived blur and thrifting woe. it goes something like this:

i'm at the thrift, having a ho-hum look around. i spot a guy in a baseball cap bee-lining to the registers carrying a huge vintage 1960s blue barbie doll clothes case, the only item he's buying. he's clutching it like a sack of gold. my heart sinking.

he is behind me in line. i ask almost not wanting to know, "is there anything in that?" he opens the case and it's jammed packed with brightly colored vintage doll clothes and who knows what buried underneath. he says he's buying it for his daughter.

the price tag for barbie case seemed a bit inflated at $25, but the mysterious contents under the citrus colored polka dot dresses had me slightly crazed and damning myself for not looking at the toy area first, instead of books! the thrifts here are pretty dried up in terms of collectibles. truth be told i don't even bother looking, i just go in to get what i need. but what were the chances?

after a good nights rest it seems it was all just a bad dream. it never happened. what thrift? what barbie case?  i am all better now. momma and baby hedgehogs helps too.


all alone on an empty shelf

heartfelt thanks to those who adopted my latest sweeties from yesterdays update! there is only one lonely bear needing a good home... miss rootsie, the carrot snacking gal. she's on the Greta Garbo diet:

"lunch was served promptly at noon and invariably consisted of raw carrots, although for variety both yellow and red carrots were served. they were eaten straight, without salt, which was never allowed on the table. at tea between 3:30 and 4:30 Garbo plied herself with sandwiches, honey, jam and cake. at dinner she reverted to her vegetarian diet, consuming only raw salad and fruit. The day was over at 8 o'clock, when Garbo went to bed." source

did we mention miss rootsie bakes a mean sweet potato pie?
to adopt send me an email SOLD thank u!

have a marvelous monday


New Bears for Momma's Day Today!

the mother's day update is happening today on my web site at 5pm central!
global time conversion here

it will be a small group (only 5 one-of-a-kinds).
be sure to refresh your browser to see the 5 at 5!

☺ happy day to you 



momma's day sneak peekeroos

here's a sneak peek of some ellies and a nosey nose ;) working on some other camera-shy bears for tomorrows momma's day update!
the update will be some time tomorrow evening... will letcha know exact time once i see how things are progressing w/ the sewing. i'm always working on the bears up to the last minute even though i set my own deadlines, lol! why is that??

tea break is over. back to the sewing table!


Chiku - new giraffe on PFATT

 this is Chiku, my 2nd giraffe creation and the real life inspiration :)
last year i showed you this mohair i tie dyed... well, i finally made giraffes out of both of those mohairs. talk about draggin' my hoofs, lol! 
Chiku is totally one of a kind,  available today on PFATT marketplace!

***also in the works are some new bears for mother's day!  stay tuned for sneak peeks!