christmas past

Wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


*Twinkle on PFATT Marketplace*

Twinkle is my PFATT Marketplace offering for December! the mohair is a delicious hand tie dyed red/ silver on olive green backing, dressed in a cozy little red outfit. see the full listing here. one of a kind, not to be duplicated. to adopt email me SOLD



+ peace +

vanishing race

Before me peaceful,
behind me peaceful, 
under me peaceful, 
over me peaceful, 
all around me peaceful. 
~Navajo prayer

dictionary art print mixed media etsy indian woman braids beautiful
(these two lovely Native American women art prints in my etsy shop, under the "portraits" section)
dictionary art print esty indian girl woman hopi

wishing you a beautiful today, and every day...


special orders and owl kings

bear ornies

the month has been whizzing by! i've been busy with my art prints and special orders, like the group above i just completed- 3 christmas bear ornies ('member these? revisit the original gang here).

white artist bear mohair miniature small
a special order for a white bear inspired by a childhood imaginary friend

dictionary art print book page owls crowns king prince
 and more imaginary friends... my latest original mixed media art print just released today: Owl King Twins. available in my Patrician Prints Etsy shop!  

now i'm off to pick up a few last minute ingredients for thanksgiving tomorroooow. xoxo


the show must not go on

ringling circus cruelty elephants
November is a bittersweet month for me. while the thought of cozy holidays approaching and all the beautiful things that autumn brings.. it also means circus-time in Chicagoland. Ringling Brothers "cruelest show on earth" is in town, November 9th-25th.

Ten Fast Facts about Animals in the Circus

  1. Every major circus that uses animals has been cited for violating the minimal standards of care set forth in the United States Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

  2. Animals in circuses spend about 11 months of the year traveling.

  3. During travel, animals may be caged or chained for long distances and hours, forced to stand in their own waste, in extreme temperatures.

  4. Standard circus industry training tools used on animals include bullhooks, whips, clubs, and electric prods.

  5. Animals born in circus “conservation” breeding programs have never been released into the wild. Most are slated to become “replacement” performers. (read next point below)

  6. From 1994 to 2005, at least 31 elephants have died premature deaths in the circus. Other circus animals who have died in an untimely manner include horses and lions.

  7. Captive elephant and captive feline attacks on humans in the U.S. have resulted in hundreds of injuries, many resulting in death.

  8. In the wild, elephants live in large, sociable herds and walk up to 25 miles every day. Most other wild animals found in circus settings, including lions and tigers, are also constantly on the move in their native habitats. In the circus, animals spend most of their time immobilized in cages or chains.

  9. Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (which enforces the AWA) have repeatedly ignored obvious physical trauma to animals, eyewitness accounts of mistreatment, and sworn testimony from former circus employees who report abuse of elephants.

  10. Circuses that feature only human performers are gaining in popularity and provide dazzling, humane, and truly family-friendly entertainment. click for a list here.

Excellent in-depth articles:
End the Circus of Cruelty- LA Times
The Cruelest Show on Earth - Mother Jones
The Problem with Circuses - Born Free 

for anyone who is not yet convinced:
www.babyelephants.net - a look inside training camp for the circus, by former Ringling elephant trainer who had a change of heart at the end of his career. These are standard methods used by ALL circuses.

what you can do: 

      ringling beats animals

      “It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” ~Mahatma Gandhi ♥


      Calorie-Free Treats for You!

      Happy Halloweeeeen! are we in a chocolate coma yet?  :) i posted *new* Purple Moon bears and spirit bear necklaces/ ornies on my website. all are one of a kinds! pop on over for some treating (no tricks) and say hello to the little bears! xoxo


      purple moons

      according to the lunar calendar, there will be a full moon tomorrow evening! working steadily to have the new bears ready then. it will be a petite update with just a few bears & spirit bear necklaces.
      will send out an email announcement when they are up!

      *to be the first to know about my updates, join my private mailing list. ♣


      on my studio table

      a special order i just completed for a special pink spirit bear~ with healing gemstones and vintage beads. it's been a long time since i made these "portable peng's", and since making this pink one i got a hankering to make some more...

      tiny morsels in progress for Halloween update! 

      and gorgeous deep purple shibori tie dyed mohair, w/ some blue flecks. i am working on 2 little bears from this material. it's been a busy week, but i do promise they will be ready in time for Trick or Treating! will post more sneak peeks this weekend. have a great one!


      green elephants

       inspiration for today: life-size topiary ellies!
      imagine a whole herd of these with some trees, a bamboo grove and a pond/watering hole... that's what i would do :)

      this week i've been working on special order bears and packing up print orders. 
      i will be doing a little Halloween update with *new* bears next week!
      check back here for sneak peeks. ✭



      Happy National Feral Cat Day: elusive King Henry

      alley cat allies
      here's a familiar face... the elusive orange tabby male. i've been trying to TNR him for a year! my last attempt was on my birthday 4 days ago. i had hoped the stars would be on my side and grant me my one birthday wish. but alas, all i caught was a small possum (quite adorable) and a few minutes later a very irate and LARGE raccoon (more round than long, not unlike my teddy bears!). have you ever heard a raccoon growl? sounds like a werewolf! it was my own fault for keeping the trap set out after dark.. i just didn't want to give up. wee possum and rotund raccoon were both let out unharmed.. i was probably more shaken then they were ;)

      the story about mr. orange tabby is that neighbors (known and unknown) are feeding him, so he's not seeking out food thus not attracted to the fish baits i set in the humane trap. finally last month, by chance, i discovered a kind neighbor on the other block, Pam, who is feeding him daily. we had a nice chat about King Henry (that's what she named him) and she filled in some details about his origins. apparently a few years ago, a car pulled up in the alley and poor King Henry was simply "dropped off", letting out a loud miaow as they shut the door and drove off. sadly, many people don't bother to neuter/spay their animals and abandon them when they start howling, spraying, and other effects of primal urges. Pam had also tried to TNR Henry, but unsuccessfully. so working together, she and I -the two "Ps", coordinated a trap day, made the appt at the cat clinic, and she withheld Henry's food....

      but, Henry never showed up. frustrating since i see him with great regularity. he has a routine that cuts through my yard- i've seen him snoozing under our butterfly bush in the morning, sunning himself belly up in our wildflower patch at noon, napping behind the boxwoods in the early evening (pictured above). Pam is pretty sure that another neighbor is also leaving food out for the cats! which means coordinating with them also to withhold food before trapping day.  it's easy to let days, weeks, months slip by...it can feel overwhelming trying to do it yourself.  good thing is, a dialogue is happening and there is moral support. a lot of work to nab this guy but i am ever confident we will. you hear me, Henry?
      October charity: 10% of each sale of Halloween Kitty Cat Witch print on eBay goes to Alley Cat Allies, helping cats like King Henry nationwide. 
      Each print is on a unique 1930's dictionary page, no two are alike. pigment ink and real acrylic hand painted eyes. this mixed media art print makes a lovely gift for animal-lovers and for a good cause!



      parisian delights + recipe + new print

      here's a few belated photos from our trip to Paris/ post-Hugglets. we stayed with our friend Melanie and her 2 cats in her petite apartment.  i know it is SO evil of me to post these pictures of a typical French breakfast...but a healthy alternative follows :) from her neighborhood bakery: fresh croissants, pain chocolat, pain aux raisin, the made-by-the-devil Nutella (spread on crepes, bread), soft brioche (similar to callah here in the states), juice and coffee. the manufactured Nutella isn't very healthy (as i said, made by the devil) plus it has nuts which i'm allergic to...but that chocolately smooth texture had me jonesing to make my own version soon as we got back to chicago.

      viola! healthy, vegan, better-than-nutella! i substituted with almonds. made in a matter of minutes. recipe via chocolate covered katie. it is heavenly spread on multigrain or sourdough toast, with a lot less guilt.

      the ladies swooned over the macarons at Laduree. the rose & caramel were my favorites. i never had a macaron before, so where a better place than Paris to try my first!
      which inspired my new print: elephant eating macarons! there are a few more fun elephant prints now available in my etsy print shop.

      enjoy the weekend! it's rain, rain, rainy here. ☂


      "Amber" bear on PFATT Marketplace today!

      Amber may look familiar because she's the sister of Ember, from my update last month. Amber wasn't ready in time for my Sept update (girls always take longer to get ready ;). so i finished her up and now she's ready for a loving home! isn't she sweet? the hand tie-dyed mohair i used to create A&E is among my favorite color combos...it turned out so beautiful and i had just enough to make 2 little bears with it. see the full listing here. SOLD


      Bunnies on the Moon

       ~Lilac Bunny Carrot Dreaming~

      ~ Mint Bunny Strawberry Dreaming~

      ah ha! so that's why i've been so weepy and emotional this weekend (and today). i'm feeling the effects of a full harvest moon (insert howling here) which marks a dramatic entrance into October. so, Happy October! this month we celebrate my birth, national feral cat day, and halloween. as you can guess, there are projects-a-plenty brewing for October!

      back to the topic of moons...above are my "bunny dreaming.." on antique moon map prints, available in my art print shop. you will find them under category archival art prints. i just love the surrealist quality of these.

      aaaand.. a big warm hug to everyone who adopted bears from my post-Hugglets/ Fall update on my web site friday! just 1 giraffe and 1 bear are in need of forever homes, possibly yours? i'm taking good care of them in the meantime, ie: many pots of tea, ginger cookies, tucking them in at night while they say a Shirley Temple-esque bedside prayer "one day soon we will find our new homes".

      have a lovely October 1st. ❦


      new Fall bears update Sept 28th!

      ❧ post-Hugglets/ pre-Halloween bear update is happening on my website
       Sept 28th, at 12 noon central 
      (10am Pacific/ 11am MTN/ 1pm Eastern).

      International friends, click here for time conversion.

      There will be some new *larger* sized pointy nosed bears (like the one pictured) and other one of a kind temptations. Be sure to refresh your browser at the scheduled time to see the update.
      til then.. xoxo


      Hugglets Show Report

      Greetings from stand #53 at Hugglets UK bear festival! thanks to all who stopped by and adopted Peng Peng bears! you made it another fantastic year at Hugglets. i'm holding the largest pointy-nosed hedgie bear i have ever made (adopted).

      a day in heaven for arctophiles. people came from all over the world to celebrate bear collecting. it was a pleasure to meet collectors old and new, and to catch up with fellow bear artists and share a laugh. i was able to sneak away from my stand for a few minutes to peruse 3 floors of temptations. as expected, there was a mind-boggling assortment of artist bears, antiques, bear supplies and all things teddy related.

       some funny characters...

      and some more funny characters... me with Art Rogers of Chatham Village Bears

      many wares for teddies to wear

      and signs that rhyme

      my favorites are the quirky elder bruins. the one on the right was my fave

      antique bears from the Old Bear Company UK. a very sweet balding Merrythought Cheeky pictured center.

      bruised and bandaged bears with heaps of personality

      this fellow had this teddy bear since he was 5 years old, if i remember correctly. he did all the repairs himself. the face patches are soft poly fleece. i always find it interesting to see the personal bears that folks bring to the show for a teddy bear outing. Hugglets was a magical event and we hope to return in the future. 
       Post-show: after Hugglets we traveled by train to Paris, France to stay with a friend for 4 nights, then took another train to Munich, Germany for 3 nights.. including an excursion to the Barvarian Alps village of Mittenwald. a whirlwind euro-trip for this otherwise self-employed shut-in :P i will post a few pics from our trip in the coming days. my feet are still recovering and i cannot even look at my pair of Doctor Martens without wincing ;} get ready for a pre-halloween/ post-Hugglets bear update by end of this month.