lady rabbits in VW bugs

hop skip jump.. or grab your frilly parasol and start up the teal blue VW bug :)
see these fancy rabbits in my etsy art print shop.
happy easter!


earth hour tonight

i wonder if the street lights will be out too? wishful thinking!  
candles are ready, signing off...


♣ New! Lucky Mice on PFATT

miniature artist bear mouse mice antique vintage style

we lucky meeces have all been adopted! thank you kindly!

here's my inspiration~ antique wooden mickey mouse toys with bead limbs:

i love those crazy noodley limbs on the early mickey's and early hand drawn black and white animations. hmmm... me thinks i should make black meeces next?


Art Barn Fundraiser for Farm Animal Sanctuary

moo-moos and cluck-clucks! I've donated a few Patrician Prints for Art Barn fundraiser to benefit rescued farm animals at Happy Trails Sanctuary, Ohio (click banner). wish i lived closer to spend time with all the animals and attend this worthwhile event!
even if you aren't in Ohio, you can still help by sponsoring an individual, like Liberace the rooster, Diamond the gray mare, or Stg Pepper the pig and many many more.

back to the sewing table.. little meeces in progress for tomorrow: March PFATT Marketplace update! enjoy your saturday!


Patrician Prints 1000 Etsy Sales!

happy March! we've reached the threshold: 1000 Etsy sales! to celebrate (and get me away from the computer) we went to our favorite restaurant last night, Amitabul- korean vegan temple cuisine. their kimchi is the *best* i've ever had. (now i just remembered there are leftovers in the fridge i must attack! :)

the prints have kept me one busy peng peng and yes.. i know i promised new bears last month (how time whizzes by!). i have an acute case of bearmakers guilt, lol.  balancing different projects can be a challenge, though i find it keeps things fresh.  i have new ideas brewing and the sewing table is a-callin'...