Buddha Squirrel

You've been warned.
Squirrels are coming!
(as in my next update this month :)


Things are Getting Wild!

If this doesn't beat the winter blahs, I dunno what will! My dye experimenting turned out more amazing than I could have hoped for. Stay tuned for my Valentine's update to see what magic I weave with with this wild n' crazy batch of mohair.


A happy new shelf

How I've waited for my little sewing table shelf. And 3 years later, here it is! Just needs a coat of white paint. Now I have a space right above my sewing machine for new bears. Yay! As you can see, there is one lonely blue bear so far. But he will have many friends soon... and that means many friends to show you :)


A Fresh Start + Update News

Okay, so my studio may look the same to you, but really...I've been organizing + decluttering like a banshee! And that includes my crafting/ shipping supplies storage "annex" upstairs- which seriously should not exist. My mohair and bagged scraps are now in bins for easy access, and I finally threw out (recycled) the big cardboard box I was storing my scraps in "out of sight, out of mind". Now I can see everything! I pulled some sweet fabric for Valentine's creations (sock monkeys? hmmm....) and threw some starchy vintage fabric in the wash to soften it up. It may sound weird, but I actually enjoy doing laundry. It's like having new clothes again (well, maybe not new.. but at least fresh).

On my table today are special orders in progress and a mini antiqued panda for my next update. I also just got some fab new mohair and awesome dyes, which I'm super excited to experiment with. The Tampa bear show next month is quickly approaching, but before I can turn my thoughts to sunscreen and bug spray... I will be doing a grand Valentine's update on my web site! Bears for sure, and if you got my hint earlier, a few Sock Monkeys in love :) My update goal is by 1st week of February. Yay! Hope you're excited about it as I am!

~Have a wonderful Wednesday~


Mr. Trogg + Miss Tipp

We are Mr. Trogg and Miss Tipp... Pleased to make your acquaintance!
I'll take my tea with one sugar lump, and 2 biscuits please. So kind of you to ask!Oh, me? Extra milk in my tea please, and a wedge of Muenster. I'm ever so grateful!Mr. Trogg and Miss Tipp are NEW One of a kinds posted today on my web site! Miss Tipp is my first MOUSE of this design.. and I quite love her (and Mr. Trogg too- I can see him listening to my thoughts :). Come on by and scoop up these cuties!! Update: Mr. Trogg and Miss Tipp are SOLD, thank you!


PFATT Marketplace Sneak Peekero

Something hops, something oinks, and something old. Tomorrow on PFATT Marketplace
Hope you're enjoying your Saturday :)


All the world is birthday cake...

Looks like everything outside is covered in pillow-y cake frosting :oP Frosting everywhere, but none to eat! The heavy snow has kept me indoors the past few days... missing my (much needed) gym workouts, and important errands like groceries and the post office. While being cooped up, I've been busy destashing nice bundles of bearmaking materials, etc on eBay... come take a look! Bargains to be had!

Don't forget... the 10th of every month is my PFATT Marketplace offerings! This month's theme is "Winter White". That's all I can say for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll give a sneak peek ;o)

Enjoy your Friday!


Season's Greetings from Bootsyland

Look what arrived in today's mail! A heartfelt card from Bootsy (formerly Frankie the foster cat) with a little help from his wonderful parents Allison + Jason:

It had me in tears of joy... and even Rob too. (sniffle)

A happy ending to begin a happy New Year!


It's a Family Affair

Has everyone recovered today? :) I began feeling human after my second pot of coffee. And I only had ONE Mai Tai! And we were in bed by 11pm! Call me a lightweight. We celebrated New Years last night with a low-key dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, which happens to be 3 minutes from our house. It's a family style restaurant with a tiki-atmosphered secret back room (I like to think it's a secret) complete with rattan lamps, cozy seating and twinkling lights. This place reminds me a lot of the restaurant my family owned when I was a little Pengy. Imagine me up on a step stool deep frying egg rolls, and bringing out little saucers of duck sauce and mustard to the guests. I learned customer service very early on ;) These are some pics from the scanned slides my dad saved, circa late 1970's-early 80's:

My aunt Li-Hua, Kung Kung (grandpa, the chef), and mom

the interior of Kung Kung's Chinese restaurant. A taste of home :)

Wishing you the best 2010, and many fortune cookies!