Stay tuned for the long-awaited Sock Monkey listing announcement!! It's been 8 months since my last Socky update, and I'm thrilled to be working on this new bunch. To view the archive of my monkey listings click here.

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Enjoy the days, pp :O)


Sneak Peek: Blue Pero!

*Blue Pero* Just shy of 6", hand dyed/ aged mohair, excelsior/ polyfil/ encased glass sand & steel BB's (very tactile and nicely weighted), handpainted premium glass eyes, fully jointed with wobble jointed head, handmade baby shirt of soft vintage cotton (removable). OOAK. SOLD!


Limited Editions at the Toy Shoppe!

"Leopoldo" (gold bear) & "Toki" (teal bear) limited editions have arrived at The Toy Shoppe! You may order through them anytime, www.thetoyshoppe.com. ~Enjoy!


Hug o' the Month!

"Helloooo...Can we have all the primates please, ladies and pachyderms get in a group...Little Squirt can you come forward a bit? GREAT! (*click*)

Teddy Bears.. can you congregate along the garden wall there.. PERFECT..give me a big smile.. (*click*)

Now everyone, everyone, gather 'round for the group shot and say... PEANUTBUTTERN'BANANAHONEYSANDWICHES!" (*click*click*click*)

~~Big hugs and round of applause to Carolyn for the PP Hug o' the Month! Thanks for sending in these fun pics!
I always get a kick from seeing your HUGS, so if you want to share pics just send 'em to me!


Just Crazy Cute!

When I opened my email and saw this pic, i said: OMGaaaaaahhh!! How insanely cute is that set up??!! Look how the knit cap is hanging up on the peg! "Oh, dear me, I forgot the kettle was on.... please sit down while i bring you in some tea and butter cookies!" The mousey friend was created by another artist (name unknownst to me). Big wide hugs to collector A.R. for sending this in :O) love it!