Happy All Hallow's Eve!

The kiddies will soon be parading the neighborhood in their colorful costumes, eagerly filling their sacks with chocolates and candies! Last night we picked up a few bags of Hershey's miniatures, and I'm restraining myself from eating any more Krackel bars (2 so far, maybe 3 by the end of this post). I just want these darn chocolates out of my sight already! On a side note, I had no luck trapping feral cats last night, with the crazy wind/post-rain storm. Will try again next week, hopefully we'll have milder weather.

Halloween Hugs to everyone, and an extra squeeze to those who adopted bears and necklaces from yesterdays update! Thank you so much! There are still some wonderful bears needing homes, so do take a look :)

And to close this last post of October-is-Cat-Month:
"You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats." - Colonial proverb
p.s. Remember to set your clocks back an hour tonight :)


Sweet Temptations Today!

Come see all the sweet little temptations on my web site today! This group was so fun to create so I hope you love 'em! The Bearded Buddha bears just give me a chuckle...my first bearded bear appeared in Teddy Bears of Witney catalog a few years ago and the edition sold out. These new bearded bears are smaller and quite delightful!

Enjoy! And * H a P p Y * H a L L o W e e N * !!!


New Bears Update October 30!!

This Friday is the day! I'll be posting new bears and lots of mini *spirit* bear necklaces on my web site at 12 noon central (10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern).
For our international friends, I've set up a handy chart to find your time! click here
Lots of special creations for you! Come early!


Una's Big Day!

Here's a peek at Una! Definitely a daughter of Tiger Mama, wouldn't you say? Today was Una's big day. After she had breakfast, I released her into a lovely mild autumn morning. I pulled back the cover, opened the trap and walked away as tears welled up unexpectedly in my eyes. Una slipped back down the alley to a neighbors yard, where her "headquarters" must be.. it was only then I noticed her back legs have white socks markings! So pretty. One down, and ?? many more cats to TNR. We have an appointment at the clinic for Halloween (of all days) so I hope to have success on Mischief Night trapping more ferals. October is Cat Month indeed! :)

p.s. If you'd like to help cats in your area (and we hope you do!), visit Alley Cat Allies web site. Many humane-shelters offer low-cost or FREE spay/ neuter for ferals!


On My Mind

Before I get to rambling, here's a special order sock ellie I just finished up! This is "Buttercup", cousin of "Buttermilk" from ye olde Sock Monkey Gallery:
So much has been on my mind lately.. as I busily prepare for my bear update, which I've yet to set the date- someday before Halloween, that much I know. Just the other night I was telling you about my 2nd attempt to trap a feral kitty, and wouldn't you know it... soon after I finished my post, I looked outside and saw the humane-trap was sprung!! Who was inside, but an adorable gray tabby kitten! My heart leaped. As planned, kitty stayed overnight in my basement in the covered trap til early morning, when my neighbor came by to transport our tiny feral friend to the clinic for spay/neuter package. We found out that kitty is a GIRL. Aptly we named her Una (feminine form of Uno) for being the first! As I speak, Una is recovering quietly + safely in my basement, eating and doing well. She'll be released back outside tomorrow morning, if it's not raining, and I promise to take a picture so you all can see what a sweetie she is. Hardly a peep out of her this whole time- quite a little lady :)

One more check up on Una, then back to sewing! Have a wonderful night. xoxo


Yes, I'm Still Breathing

I can't believe a week has flown by already since my last post! So what have I been up to? Well, I'd much rather hear what you've been doing, but since you asked ;) the usual... sewing, shipping, wondering what to make for lunch, winterizing the house, watching DVD's (our evening ritual), drinking lots of tea. Tuckered-out-Bunny was my project tonight.. poor fella's been through 2 rounds of 'antiquing' then I decided he just didn't feel authentic. So I took out all his innards and saw his limp body on my lap.. doesn't he look so pathetic that he's cute? No worries, he's much happier now and re-stuffed.

If you're wondering about the cat saga: I've yet to catch a kitty for TNR.. my first attempt was last night- I had to shoo away 2 raccoons from my trap! And I got a chill to my bone standing in the alley from a safe distance monitoring the whole thing. So I have to work on my strategy. The trap is set again tonight, with sardine juice. Wish me luck!

P.S. I feel an update happening this week!! Stay tuned for the big annoucement!


Happy National Feral Cat Day, and All Year Round

I see this cat across the street from my house, but she doesn't live there...Could this be Tiger Mamma? Or is it her offspring? There's so many, I can't tell anymore!!

So here I am, a cat-free household for the first time in 14 years. We are just not ready to adopt, and I still have yet to sprinkle the ashes of my beloved 3 felines. And what little trick does the Universe play? It surrounds me with cats, that's what!

The "Tiger Mamma" chronicles continue: Remember my first sighting of her back in June? I'm kicking myself for not doing more to get this cat spayed... because this morning, as I was innocently making my oatmeal, I see her in my back yard and she's PREGNANT out-to-there! She looks like she's carrying a football. This will be her 2nd or 3rd litter this year. And where are all her kitties? Probably reproducing like crazy. So I'm taking things up a notch. I have GOT to get these cats spayed/ neuter before winter. Wishing and waiting for someone else to take care of it is not taking care of anything.

This summer we had feral kittens spilling out on porches, sheds, alleys, hiding under perennials. Myself and another concerned woman educated the neighbors about feral cats and got donations for TNR and kind folks volunteered to help in any way. A few "feeders" said they would try to trap themselves. But I don't think anything has happened. Summer has whizzed by, and I admit we lost a little steam in our efforts. Meanwhile the reproducing continues! Pregnant Tiger Mamma has jolted me into action, perhaps it was no coincidence she appeared in my yard on National Feral Cat day!

For those who are concerned about the welfare of cats (or new to my blog), be sure to (re)visit my last years National Feral Cat Day post here. Lots of helpful, informative links there.

Spread the good word today and every day ~ for our feline friends :)


Sneak Peek: Bear Necklaces!

I'm finishing up a few more "portable Peng Peng's" today! Looks like it's gonna be a bakers dozen of the tiny mohair morsels. The necklaces were a popular item at the Schaumburg show, being portable and wearable :) I'll be offering this group on my web site for a change (instead of Etsy) cos it would take too long to list them individually.
Back to the sewing table and my chai tea!


New Fall Sock Monkey Trio Today!

These little rascals are now up on my web site! 2 of them got snatched up right away (thank you!). So Miss Rosie (pictured left) is currently the only one available! She's a sweetheart, and would love to share a good old fashioned soda with you. Update: SOLD OUT. Miss Rosie was adopted, thank you! *The Fall trio and myself would like to extend *monkey hugs* for giving them warm and loving homes, and for all the sweet comments too :) xoxo


Schaumburg Show + Sock Monkey Update

What a whirlwind of a week it's been! Seems no matter how much in advance I prepare for a bear show, the night before there are 2 constants: working way later than I should be putting on final touches, and then... insomnia. This year I realized at 9pm that oh, I was out of hang tags! Okay, gotta make those! There's always something, right? :) Good news is, the show went very well and without a hitch (if you don't count the 20 minute detour we hit en route). Though it was crisp and windy outside, it was nice and cozy inside the Marriot show room with carbs and hot coffee in constant supply. It's always a delight to see my collectors (you're the best!), talk shop with other artists, and experience all the wonderful bears in person! There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned Bear Show.

Here's the view from my table :) Wish I took more photos!

I almost forgot to mention, today is my Birthday... the big 4-0! I hear that 40's are the new 20's ;o) Maybe it's just our generation that keeps saying that, 'cos 10 years ago the 30's were the new 20's. I think it's an auspicious time of year, with the Bear show yesterday, my birthday today, and Rob and mine's *Anniversary* tomorrow! So why not add a Sock Monkey update to the celebration equation?!!

I thought instead of saving them for a larger update, I would offer them first. They have been waiting patiently to meet you, all decked out in their dandy outfits! So...

the Fall Monkey Trio Update will be TOMORROW October 13th at 12 noon Central (10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern) on my web site, peng-peng.com.
*As I mentioned in a previous "sneak peek" post, there will only be 3
monkeys!! And they're quite special.

~ So I do hope you can join us then! ~



Some things I'm working on today

Antique-inspired cloth bunnies! I'm fine tuning the prototype and I must say, I'm a bit in love with this first one.

Little herd of pigs. Aren't they adorable as a group? Here we have old feedsack, black linen, muslin, and osnaburg.

and a nice cup of you-know-what :)

I will get more sneak peeks posted soon! Hope your Tuesday is going splendidly.


Return of the Beard

Can you guess what's up my sleeve? I'll give you a hint: Blue Beards! The only other time I've made bearded bears was for Teddy Bears of Witneys a few years ago. Blue Beards will be part of the October update.

*If you'd like to be "in the know" about my updates, join my private mailing list (conveniently located on the left column here).

Enjoy your Sunday!