Happy National Feral Cat Day, and All Year Round

I see this cat across the street from my house, but she doesn't live there...Could this be Tiger Mamma? Or is it her offspring? There's so many, I can't tell anymore!!

So here I am, a cat-free household for the first time in 14 years. We are just not ready to adopt, and I still have yet to sprinkle the ashes of my beloved 3 felines. And what little trick does the Universe play? It surrounds me with cats, that's what!

The "Tiger Mamma" chronicles continue: Remember my first sighting of her back in June? I'm kicking myself for not doing more to get this cat spayed... because this morning, as I was innocently making my oatmeal, I see her in my back yard and she's PREGNANT out-to-there! She looks like she's carrying a football. This will be her 2nd or 3rd litter this year. And where are all her kitties? Probably reproducing like crazy. So I'm taking things up a notch. I have GOT to get these cats spayed/ neuter before winter. Wishing and waiting for someone else to take care of it is not taking care of anything.

This summer we had feral kittens spilling out on porches, sheds, alleys, hiding under perennials. Myself and another concerned woman educated the neighbors about feral cats and got donations for TNR and kind folks volunteered to help in any way. A few "feeders" said they would try to trap themselves. But I don't think anything has happened. Summer has whizzed by, and I admit we lost a little steam in our efforts. Meanwhile the reproducing continues! Pregnant Tiger Mamma has jolted me into action, perhaps it was no coincidence she appeared in my yard on National Feral Cat day!

For those who are concerned about the welfare of cats (or new to my blog), be sure to (re)visit my last years National Feral Cat Day post here. Lots of helpful, informative links there.

Spread the good word today and every day ~ for our feline friends :)


Studio Tinsel said...

Hi Pengy:

I hope that you don't go cat-less for much longer. I can hear it in your words that you miss that part of your life. Perhaps the stray cats in your 'hood are gentle nudges from the universe... helping you see that you are ready. I think that your former kitties would be happy to see you loving again. And with so many that need a loving human to help show them the way, why deny love and devotion?

I hope it is soon that you and your hubby welcome that kitty tenderness back into your lives again.

I wish that for you... with all my heart.

Peng Peng said...

awwww... you're gettin' me all choked up! (sniff, sniff) I miss my cats SO much, every day ;o) I am such a cat person! Yes, we do have plans for more kitties for sure! Just that now we are fixin up the house, lots of dust and hazards for a feline. When the dust settles, then we can think about adopting :) thanks for your lovely post! xoxo

Pamela said...

awwww. yes you need a new Peng Peng kitty!

Mare said...

You know PengPeng, it sounds like the Cat Universe is sending you a message...time to open your heart for another kitty. I have my elderly Bella here and i am getting those feelings too..But i know for Bella, it would be best to wait. She likes to be the only cat. (and our new puppy will arrive any time now too!)