On My Mind

Before I get to rambling, here's a special order sock ellie I just finished up! This is "Buttercup", cousin of "Buttermilk" from ye olde Sock Monkey Gallery:
So much has been on my mind lately.. as I busily prepare for my bear update, which I've yet to set the date- someday before Halloween, that much I know. Just the other night I was telling you about my 2nd attempt to trap a feral kitty, and wouldn't you know it... soon after I finished my post, I looked outside and saw the humane-trap was sprung!! Who was inside, but an adorable gray tabby kitten! My heart leaped. As planned, kitty stayed overnight in my basement in the covered trap til early morning, when my neighbor came by to transport our tiny feral friend to the clinic for spay/neuter package. We found out that kitty is a GIRL. Aptly we named her Una (feminine form of Uno) for being the first! As I speak, Una is recovering quietly + safely in my basement, eating and doing well. She'll be released back outside tomorrow morning, if it's not raining, and I promise to take a picture so you all can see what a sweetie she is. Hardly a peep out of her this whole time- quite a little lady :)

One more check up on Una, then back to sewing! Have a wonderful night. xoxo

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Gustavo Aimar said...

Hermosísimos... pura simpatía!