Schaumburg Show + Sock Monkey Update

What a whirlwind of a week it's been! Seems no matter how much in advance I prepare for a bear show, the night before there are 2 constants: working way later than I should be putting on final touches, and then... insomnia. This year I realized at 9pm that oh, I was out of hang tags! Okay, gotta make those! There's always something, right? :) Good news is, the show went very well and without a hitch (if you don't count the 20 minute detour we hit en route). Though it was crisp and windy outside, it was nice and cozy inside the Marriot show room with carbs and hot coffee in constant supply. It's always a delight to see my collectors (you're the best!), talk shop with other artists, and experience all the wonderful bears in person! There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned Bear Show.

Here's the view from my table :) Wish I took more photos!

I almost forgot to mention, today is my Birthday... the big 4-0! I hear that 40's are the new 20's ;o) Maybe it's just our generation that keeps saying that, 'cos 10 years ago the 30's were the new 20's. I think it's an auspicious time of year, with the Bear show yesterday, my birthday today, and Rob and mine's *Anniversary* tomorrow! So why not add a Sock Monkey update to the celebration equation?!!

I thought instead of saving them for a larger update, I would offer them first. They have been waiting patiently to meet you, all decked out in their dandy outfits! So...

the Fall Monkey Trio Update will be TOMORROW October 13th at 12 noon Central (10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern) on my web site, peng-peng.com.
*As I mentioned in a previous "sneak peek" post, there will only be 3
monkeys!! And they're quite special.

~ So I do hope you can join us then! ~



Kingfisher Farm said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Hey 40 is the new 20, this makes me 28!!! Hahhaha!

KSedlak said...

Gosh, it's been ages since I've been to your blog. I have been busy this summer too. Making quilts and spending time with my grandson. He is 7 1/2 months old now and growing up so fast. I love being a Grandma.

Kitty Vane said...

Super happy birthday!
I still think that 30 is the new 20, but that's only because I'm in my 30's myself, but I do think that 40 can be the new 20 as well, you're only as old as you feel after all. :)

Studio Tinsel said...

Oh! Happy 40th bday, Pengy! I hope that your day was splendid! Do not think if it as f-o-r-t-y... instead think of it as a year in which you are living and loving and learning.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!

happy happy birthday!

what a fabulous show! oh how i wish i could have come too!

m & e