my new art print shop!

after a long hiatus, i am happy to be making art prints again! this time around i'm offering my prints in it's own dedicated Etsy shop, due to the volume of designs i have available. currently over 100 designs! the name of my print shop is another "PP"... Patrician Prints! Patricia is my american birth name, so it just made good sense :) thanks to my brother for thinking that up. PPrints had its grand opening last month, but i kept it hush hush til i had enough prints to make an official announcement to you today!

the images are my original collage/ montage designs printed with archival pigment inks on upcycled antique dictionary and book pages... so each print is one of a kind! feel good knowing these are eco-friendly and make great gifts. to read more about what's behind Patrician Prints, visit my etsy "about me" page for the whole story.

so without further ado, click here to be transported to my print paradise! hope you love them!



christmas in July ~ PFATT Marketplace

a much needed Christmas breeze in the heat of July! Peppermint Pie is this month's PFATT offering~ a one of a kind hand tie-dyed mohair bear, at a mere 3 1/8 inches seated. this little one may get lost under the christmas tree if not for the jingle bell on the hat :) SOLD, thank you!


happy independence day!

Chicago is having the hottest Independence Day in 101 years at 111 degrees, plus an Air Pollution Action Day today declared by Illinois EPA. yikes! today there will be no veggie BBQ or hanging laundry outside... i'm staying hunkered down in my studio, the only room in our 1920's house with a window AC besides the bedroom. while enjoying my morning iced decaf coffee, i watched this new video by my hero, Sir Paul. i hope you will find it inspiring and enlightening... the message is especially pertinent when the climate is so out of balance. so pour yourself a cool drink and take a few minutes to sit back, relax and enjoy the video. if you are moved by it (and we hope you are) please pass it on to friends and loved ones. happy 4th! xoxo


❄ Christmas in July ❄ PFATT Marketplace

july greetings! while chicago is baking at 100 degrees all week, the thought of christmas in july is very appealing. this month's PFATT offering will be a one of a kind bear in a refreshingly cool red + white peppermint tie dye mohair...

the green tie dye i'm saving for something else ;)  i will post a sneak peek later on. stay cool and stay tuned!