Vintage Style

I forgot to mention that for our cabin trip, we mapped out a bunch of thrifts along the way ~or rather, out-of-the-way. Thankfully we were able to visit just ONE thrift shop in a small, remote town. There was NOTHING that caught my eye that day. And I was bummed. We did manage to visit it again on our way home, and voila! I found this amazing bright floral fabric. I love that medium weight 100% cotton that is perfect for home decor fabrics.

While flipping through the Pottery Barn August 2009 catalog (the cover theme is "Vintage Style") I spied this; the "Woodland Bedding" collection. OMG! Almost identical palette and pattern to the vintage fabric I picked up. Coincidence? Hmmmm.....

What do you think?
The vintage version is in my shop DESTASH sale! Only one piece! Update: SOLD!

Also listed in the shop today: Vintage Scandinavian floral no-iron muslin. Update: SOLD!
So cute for a Dutch themed room, or quick sofa cover. This eye-catching fabric also makes a great craft show table covering ;o)

Enjoy the bright blooms of July and these happy fabrics!



Four New *Spirit Bear* Necklaces


"Big Benn"

Hope you're having a wonderful week! These four little critters will be in my shop later today! Update: they are SOLD OUT, thank you!

p.s. Promise to post my cabin trip pics soon, just been incredibly busy ;o)

Have a terrific Thursday! xoxo


Greetings from the Bespectacled Pink Elephant

I'm back! Got lots of tales + pics to share with you from our cabin-in-the-woods excursion. Even though we've been gone just a few days it feels like weeks have passed by! Promise to write more as soon as I've caught up on things.

This has gotta be the biggest Buddha Bear! Pink Ellie and Big Bear were roadside attractions at 2 different gas stations en route.

~It's good to get away, and it's good to be back :)


Life in the Woods

We're busy packing, laundry-ing, picnic meal making, and errand running in preparation for our short Thoreauvian cabin getaway trip to Wisconsin! Our cabin is aptly named "Bears Den" :) Looking forward to some serious stargazing under dark-night country skies. And I hope to hit some thrift stores along the way.

My Etsy shop will remain open in my absence. All orders, including ePatterns (since there are no computers where we're headed) will be sent July 20th. Thanks for your patience! This is my first vacation in god knows how long.

Will miss you and be in touch soon! Signing off...


Spirit Bear (+kitty+ellie+puppy) Necklaces!

Busy as a bee I've been! Here's a preview of 6 new Spirit Bear Necklaces that will be in the shop tomorrow. I really tried to post them today, but just plum ran out of time (and sunlight).
I'll send out an *email announcement when they're posted.

*If you haven't already, come join my private mailing list to be updated about updates :) You can sign up on my web site or more conveniently, right here at the top left column ^_^


New Mini Elephant ePattern ~ Kibibi ~

Many of you have asked about an elephant ePattern, and I'm happy to announce that one is finally available! How to make "Kibibi" mini mohair ellie is now in the shop!

This pattern has instructions for string jointed limbs, so it's very beginner friendly. If you already know how to use joint hardware, you can easily go that route using the same pattern.

Hope you're having a fine weekend :) I'm finishing up a cute group of Spirit Bear necklaces, so I gotta keep working! Talk more soon...



Good Things Come in Small Packages

Mini Bear Necklaces are now in the shop!

And destash fabrics galore in the shop! This stack is on it's way to a new home.

I put together sweet bundles, single cuts, vintage trims, and combinations thereof. Something to suit everyones sewing/ crafting needs :)
Hmmm.. maybe vintage buttons too?
Stay tuned!



NEW *Spirit Bear* Teddy Necklaces!

Hope you had a fun-filled holiday weekend! I'm recovering from playing hostess of the tiki torch-lit soiree we had last night. It's good to have company over, somehow it makes a house a home- rather than an endless 'work in progress' that houses can so often be ;)

What I'm really excited to tell you about is my new *Spirit Bear* Necklaces! Or Portable Peng Pengs, if you will :O)

They are mini...

They are mohair...

They are magical!

They will be in the shop starting today! Update: Etsy web site was down due to maintenance today, so I will list the necklaces Tuesday for sure!

If you have been a loyal follower of my work (and HUGS if you are :) you may recall long ago a little spirit bear necklace appeared in Bear Paths Autumn 2006 show. So I think it was about time I made some more, don't ya think?

Have a marvelous mini-bear Monday!


Happy Fourth, or Fifth (if it's raining)

Potato salad. check.
Soy pups. check.
Veggie burgers. check.
Cole slaw. check.
Corn cobs. check.
Liquid libations. check.
Sunshine? blank

Looks like the little BBQ soiree we planned at our house with friends is rained out :(
We were optimistic most of the day, but the skies have spoken.
Tomorrow calls for abundant sunshine, so Tomorrow it is!
And that gives me time to make a berry pie :)

Have a fun-filled weekend~whether it be indoors or outdoors.