for the love of Cats

Koko, rolling happily about in the sun. July 2003.

Warmest thanks for everyone's interest and nice comments about my debut kitties I posted on my web site Friday. I really enjoy creating the wee felines ~ as cats hold such a special place in my heart ~ and will be making more again for sure. Aside from the Halloween-y aspect of cats, October has always been "cat month" for me, since it was my cat's birthdays and also mine too! If you can come to the Schaumburg Octobear show, I will have cats n' bears n' ellies n' maybe even a sock monkey or two! So I have lots of sewing to do this month.

Also, while preparing for the Octobear Show, I plan to offer a new bear pattern in my Etsy shop, and if my schedule allows... (drumroll please) a Sock Monkey October listing! It will most likely be an abbreviated version, maybe just half dozen this time, as their outfits take me quite some time to make. I will do my darndest however, to make that happen ;o)

Have a nice Monday! It's raining, cold and dreary in Chicago today, Brrrrr!


Debut CATS listed today!!

Miaooowee! New mini kitties TODAY on my web site, www.peng-peng.com.
They were all adopted quickly, thank you for giving them loving homes!


Miaoooww! New CATS Update tomorrow!!

Exciting news! My debut CATS Update is happening tomorrow on my web site, www.peng-peng.com! Friday, September 26th at 12 noon Central (10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern) There will be an assortment of fanciful felines looking for loving homes!

Remember to 'refresh' your browser at the scheduled time to see the new kitties!



New Sock Monkey Pin Set & Note Card!

Horray! I'm super excited about this new Sock Monkey Pin Set ~ and bonus, it comes topped with a hand printed blank note card! You may recognize a few of these old favorite faces... the images are sharp and colors are fantastic, I love they way they turned out. The pin sets are now available in my Etsy shop. xo, pp :)


Up, Up and Away!

First, let me wish everyone a happy Autumn Equinox! It's been quite a coupla weeks here. Still trying to shake off this lingering cold and nagging cough for 2 weeks now (as one of my best friends and I call it, the Chicago Cough~ it does not respond to any over-the-counter products or herbal remedies, lol) hence I haven't felt much up to sewing. So it may be a bit longer til my debut *wee cats* will be listed on my web site... but so far they are looking quite adorable.

Speaking of cats, I recently discovered a feral cat colony living in the parking lot of a grocery store I frequent. A tiny gray kitten with a misshapen tail (curled up in a bushy spiral) has become my mascot for the colony... he was the first cat I saw. It breaks my heart to see these cats out on the streets, and it's entirely due to folks not spaying/ neutering their cats and then letting them run loose outside. Frustrating to say the least, and the emotional stress over what to do about these kitties didn't help my cold either (yes, I visited them during the crazy rainstorm last week... cough, cough). But I will continue this story another time...

Upcoming! I have a fun new item for my Etsy shop, which my hand-stamped Sock Monkey balloon gal note card will be attached to it! I will be sure to let you know when they're available.

Here's a pic of little TOKO bear prototype, in the "fur" (pattern available in my Etsy shop). He just looked too cute and small sitting there on my shelf, awaiting to be sent off to his new home. {{hugs}} to everyone who ordered my bear patterns~ hope you are enjoying making them! Bye for now and have a great evening!


Lemonade Bears Benefit Auction starts tonight!

Here he is! "Mr. Grendle" is now up for auction on www.bid4bears.com.
Update: Thank you S.K. for your winning bid and making this auction a huge success!
3 day auction ends Sunday evening!
Can he find a place in your heart?

Lemonade Bears Benefit ~100% proceeds going to help fight childhood cancer.
Thanks for your participation and generousity!
xo, pp


after the storm

Last weekend's weather brought a record rainfall to Chicago. After 2 days of nonstop rains and flooding in the area, the dreariness has finally lifted. Today the sun is shining and warming things up. September has offered us the most beautiful late-summer day, I did not need much tempting to go outside for a morning walk...

My favorite place to be is anywhere surrounded by nature :)


Lemonade Bears Benefit begins this Friday, September 19th!

Just a reminder that the Lemonade Bears Benefit begins this Friday, September 19th! I am donating "Mr. Grendle" pictured above ~ the most special One of a Kind Buddha Bear... he's made of hand dyed Schulte cotton (almost impossible to work with) and Schulte mohair. I just love him and hope you do too!

  • The auction will be held on www.bid4bears.com. Similar to eBay, you will need to open your own user account to bid. Please familiarize yourself with the site if you are new to it. All bears will be listed under the user ID Lemonade Bears.

  • Nancy of Lemonade Bears will have Live Help available on the Bid 4 Bears site beginning Thursday during daytime hours, so if you need any last minute help, you can chat with her there. Couldn't be easier!

Thanks in advance for your participation! Let's make this year another great one for
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer.


Peng Peng Bears ePattern #2: Toko!

Exciting news! I just completed my 2nd teddy bear pattern "Toko", and it's now available in my Etsy shop. "Toko" is a simplified, smaller version of my flat headed bears with the cheeky grins. A lot of fun to create :O)

And yes, Toko is in need of a loving home! He is only 4 1/2" tall, 5 way jointed, hand dyed/ gently aged mohair, polkadot cotton front ears, hand painted glass eyes, waxed thread nose and wide silly grin. Filled with polyfil and steel BB's for weight. $169. SOLD



Introducing: Peng Peng Patterns!

Hot off the presses, sort of speaking! Peng Peng ePatterns to make your own Pengy bear! My first pattern is to make "Pablita", an adorable 5" mohair bear. Easy to follow instructions, material list, and of course the pattern. Pablita is based on my early 2003-2004 round-headed bears, and now you can try your hand at it. The pattern is available at my Etsy Shop.

Aaaand... in case you're wondering, little Pablita is available for adoption! She is hand dyed mohair, black glass eyes, waxed nose, polyfil/ steel BB's for weight, 5 way jointed. One of a kind, simple n' sweet bear. $175. SOLD


A fine day in the Country ~ Buildings

A sample of the historic buildings Rob and I visited in Old World Wisconsin yesterday, circa mid-1880's. We finally had our Wisconsin excursion for this summer. The day was blessed with perfect weather and we avoided the crowds by going after Labor Day.

Nature trails connected the various farmstead areas, and the trails alone were a treat.

A fine day in the Country ~ Fences

My fave is this twiggy fence! I'd love to do this in our front yard with vines growing along the top like they had done here.

A fine day in the Country ~ Light & Shadow

This is one of my favorite pics~ the faithful old sewing machine.

A fine day in the Country ~ From the Garden

The early homesteads had charming wooden plank walkways, just like todays sidewalks. That's my husband at the end. One of our goals is to remove the concrete walkway that bisects our yard and make a natural winding path with mulch or gravel. Though I am loving the wooden planks as an idea too.

A fine day in the Country ~ Domestics

A beautiful blue and white bed cover and the little cradle nearby.

Atop the trunk are miniature children's playthings.

The ceiling beams in the blacksmith barn.

An incredible, functional, entirely hand-built weaving loom with flax being made into linen.
Flax "ponytails" hanging on a primitive rake in the barn.

A colorful hutch with green and white wares.

a little pass-through window from the pantry

A display cabinet with sewing notions in the 'general store'.

Reproduction fabrics and some antique sewing notions. Blue & red calicos, carded buttons, bobbins, etc, as one would have seen in 1876. Of course, all of it is display purposes only (shucks!).

For city folk and country folk and points in between, I hope you enjoyed the blessings & beauty of summer. And may every day be *a fine day* wherever you lay your hat.


Third Annual Lemonade Bears Benefit

Join us September 19-21, 2008

I am donating a special One-of-a-kind creation this year to the Lemonade Bears Benefit!

Three days of extraordinary on-line teddy bear auctions, featuring the work of artists from around the world. 100% of the proceeds benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. To date we have raised $17,000.000! Please join us for this very special event. Your support will be greatly appreciated. For more information please visit www.lemonadebears.com.


What's simmering in the pot?

While my veggie soup is simmering I thought I'd pop in and say Hi! Hope you had a fine Labor Day weekend! I guess I labored too much the past few days, working on various projects, and capped it off yesterday by doing a power cleaning of the fridge (that was an ordeal!). So today I'm nursing a really awful cold and sore throat :( At least the weather is nice and that, along with a bowl of soup & ginger tea, always helps. Another mini mood booster I've been doing on a daily basis is perusing the kitties for adoption over at Anti-Cruelty Society's website. Though we are not quite ready to adopt yet, I am having severe cat-withdrawal! Here are a few fur beans that stole my heart recently:

My secret new-things I was planning to reveal August-end is looking more like soon-in-September. So stay tuned for my update announcement. It will be a fun one!

What else is simmering in the pot? October brings the Schaumburg Artist Teddy Bear Show, Horray! From here on out I'll be preparing for that as I intend to bring loads of little One-of-a-kind delights :) If you are in the Chicagoland area then, please do stop on by and visit me.

The timer has sounded and that means my soup is ready! Have a fantastic day and will talk soon. xoxo