new bears today!

☂☀ right now i'm experiencing the odd weather phenomena of rain while the sun shines brightly. that's a sure recipe for a rainbow :) speaking of rainbows, come see the colorful and tie dyed bears, elephants and one fabulous feline w/ pet dog on my web site today.


last sneak peeks

some hints of what's to come for tomorrows big update! crazy colorful mohair, funky vintage fabrics, noses polished and some tattered. hope you can join me tomorrow at 12 noon central at peng-peng.com. til then, pleasant dreams xoxo


sneak peeks

i was up to the wee hours last night in my studio (10:30pm, that's late for this early riser). my husband was out with a friend so i had quiet time alone to work at will... just me, some cave water, frogs, and binaural beats to help me focus. attaching the eyes and seeing the bear come to life is one of my favorite moments. 
more to come later! have a fun saturday


New Bears Update Announcement!

Mark your calendars! 
I will have new colorful bears on my web site August 20th at 12 noon central.

10am Pacific / 11am Mtn/ 1pm Eastern

International friends, click here for time conversion.

I will post some more sneak peeks this weekend ;) back to sewing!


sneak peek: inspired by nature

 i'm always inspired by nature. one of my daily pleasures is observing what goes on in my back yard.. the fluttering dance of colorful visitors: butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, gold finches, grasshoppers, dragonflies. the new bears for my august update carry the blend of summer colors, from pinks and purples to gold and black. summers palette leaves nothing out, yet effortlessly harmonizes the bold and the subtle in fantastic, unexpected ways.

stay tuned for the official update time announcement coming soon... and fully enjoy these late summer days!


*NEW* Blossom Bear on PFATT Marketplace

Blossom one of a kind, hand tie dyed mohair stick bear. made especially for this month's PFATT Marketplace update. remember the green tie dye mohair i spoke of a while ago? she is made of that lovely mohair. this little lady will stay in bloom all year round :) see her full listing here. SOLD

now for a lunch break! have a faaaaaabulous friday!


Oh Deer! New Mixed Media Art Prints

holy smokes, it's August already! that means the final crunch until Hugglets UK show in September. i'm working on exciting *new bears* for you this month, so there will be a big August update! whoo hoo!

in between stitches, i've also added new prints to my art shop. i must share with you my latest deer prints...Christmas Deer on Skates and Lets Play Ball Deer. they're a bit different being mixed media print with real acrylic paint on top of the antique English dictionary book page for a lovely effect. oh, it's good to be painting again! my mixed media prints come signed "PP" and dated.

i was toying with the idea of starting a blog for Patrician Prints, but think it's just too much to juggle.. so be sure to visit my little print paradise often to see what's new!

have a wonderful wednesday