Tampa Show Report

I'm back from sunny Florida! There's SO much to share with you about our trip. You're probably eager to hear first about the Tampa Bear Show, yes? It was my first time exhibiting at "Florida's Largest All Teddy Bear Show" at Crowne Plaza Westshore. Above is the view from our hotel room... and if you're ever looking to stay in Tampa, I highly recommend the Crowne. Heated pool with shady cabanas, hello!
Please note I'm trying to look alive under fluorescent lighting here:

The Bear show was fabulous! I must say, it's a luxury to be staying at the hotel and just pop downstairs to set up in the morning. I overheard one artist saying they got up at 2am to drive to the show (to sympathetic moans). I think many of us can relate to the "night before the bear show" syndrome; either going to bed at 2am or waking up at 2am, lol. It was nice to meet new + old collectors, shops, fellow bear artists/ friends, and a zillion or so teddy bears :) Good thing my bears are small, I fit the whole show in one overhead-sized suitcase!You may remember our naughty mouse, Miss Devlin? She was getting chilly so I added a cozy knit hat and neck cowl. Plus in these new pics you can see her tail.

She is:
One of my faves.
Available for adoption! SOLD

So when someone says "who ate the last slice of chocolate cake?" you can point to Miss Devlin. Now who could get angry at such a wee mouse? ;o)
To order, e-mail me: peng@peng-peng.com.

More Florida trip highlights to follow tomorrow!


Countdown to Tampa!

It's 48 hours 'til we head out for Tampa Teddy Bear Show. And what am I doing? Dying mohair! And...baking cookies (gotta have fuel during the crunch hours, right?). The newly dyed mohair will be for the March update. Lots of greens and springs.
This is what's called last minute frenzy. Frenzied but fun :O)
Gotta pack up the bears and warm weather clothes- hopefully in ONE suitcase!

See ya when I get back!
Have a great week :)

"How can I go on a cruise without my cabana wear?"


♥ 6 Kisses for You ♥

Six mini kisses for Valentine's + Chinese New Year!
These new one-of-a-kind Spirit Bear Necklaces will be available in my Etsy shop today.
What could be better than a tiny bear you can wear, close to your heart?

~ Happy Valentine's + Year of the Tiger to You! ~


Planet Snow + Blueberry Cobbler

Looks like my work is cut out for me today on Planet Snow. Pull on the ski boots! There are guys that come around our neighborhood, ringing doorbells asking to shovel the walkway for cash. It's like I have to beat them to shoveling my own property. While I've been typing this, the same person rang my door twice. So I better get out there and start clearing snow, 'cos they will keep ringing my doorbell otherwise! Now... onto cozier things:

This here little fellow is "Blueberry Cobbler", my PFATT Marketplace offering for this month. I just flipped over how wonderful that hand dyed mohair turned out. Multiple dye process was so worth the extra time and effort. And it makes the mohair totally unique! If you'd like to scoop up Blueberry Cobbler, send me an e-mail. (update: he's SOLD).

Hey, it's also my brother's *birthday* today, and was Miss Felted Folksie Linda's yesterday! So Happy Birthday all you Aquarius'!

I'm off to brave the elements now. Enjoy your day!


Snow Day

Snow day = guilt-free staying indoors. BTW, the above pics are in color. For the first time in a loooong time I slept in 'til the gloriously late hour of 8am. No rushing off to my early gym class or errands to do that can't wait a day. As long as there is coffee, internet connection and a working furnace, I am good :) At some point I'll gear up and shovel the sidewalk, which I actually enjoy doing! Though today is looking to be a "shovel twice" kinda day.

All the more reason to be psyched about the TAMPA bear show this month! Which reminds me, I need to order new business cards pronto...

Stay warm (unless you live in a semi-tropical area, in which case you must invite me + Rob to visit)! xoxo


New Bears n' Squirrels Today!

Come see the sweet offerings today on my web site!
This will be my only big update possibly until March, since I'm preparing for my 1st Tampa bear show next Saturday!! Still so much to do...

Hope these new creations brighten up your Monday :)


Valentine's Update Date

The Valentine's Update will be happening on my web site, Feb 8th at 2pm central (12 noon Pacific/ 1pm Mountain/ 3pm Eastern). Be sure to 'refresh' your browser at the scheduled time to see the new cuties! Yes, squirrels (my first ones ever!) and bears in glorious colors.

*I hope to have some lovey-dovey Sock Monkeys ready before we leave for Tampa bear show... which is in 2 weeks (yikes!).

P.S. Sorry 'bout my email announcement that was all in HTML code! Hope you got the gist of it :)


The Night Shift

On my studio table this evening: debut squirrels in progress! The one on the right isn't stuffed yet, but has a cute gesture like he's tapping his little foot :)

Speaking of little feet... I'm 99.9% sure I know who left these dainty tracks in our yard.

Signing off for the night. Ready to watch disc 2 of Planet Earth. Is it just me, or does that David Attenborough make you want to reach for the tissues too?