Gemini of my Eye

This morning, I saw Tiger Mama Junior in my yard... she ran when I was taking out the trash, but returned once I went inside the house. I could not resist the golden opportunity to TNR this cat... I've had my eye on her since summer!! She's out of the bitter cold at least, in her covered trap in a vacant heated room upstairs. We'll have her spayed (or neutered if She is a He)/vaccinated tomorrow at the PAWS clinic with funds donated by concerned neighbors, with transport help by my TNR partner/neighbor Kim. It will be an Early (early with a capital E) morning tomorrow for Rob and I, since the clinic opens at 7am and apparently a very long wait line forms before opening!

Since she's my 3rd cat to TNR, I think the name Gemini is fitting, the 3rd sign of the zodiac. Formerly I referred to her as Tiger Mama Junior, cos she's a smaller version of the Tiger Mama I saw pregnant in my yard.

All this happening right before my web update Monday and our trip out of town! But of course!

Gemini is a feral/ unsocialized cat.. she doesn't vocalize and avoids eye contact. However she is being very polite considering how frightened she must be. She bears a great resemblance to Una don't you think?

What else could i do?? Look at the sweet cat! Now s/he will be vaccinated and neutered. That's one less kitty making babies!! Horray for that :)

Now time for me to get back to sewing!! Enjoy your Saturday.


Brenda said...

Peng Peng, she is such a sweet looking cat. At least knowing she will be safe from making the problem worse AND safe from some illnesses, must make you feel better. You do good work!!!



Peng Peng said...

thanks Brenda! I will breathe easier after she is spayed/neutered. She is a doll though with those cute round eyes :)

Kingfisher Farm said...

cute kitty! By now you are at the clinic, so hope all went well.

Holly said...

She's beautiful! I am a sucker for the kitties, I hope spaying and neutering goes well!