autumn light

autumn sunriseautumn sunrise cloudssun through curtainsbuddha shadowautumn sunsetthe light is changing, signaling changing of the seasons. i get a melancholy feeling when the sun sets so much earlier now than summer. geese frequently fly over head and a part of me tugs to fly away with them. suddenly i'm asking "who wants hot chocolate? :) hope you're sailing smoothly into autumn as october is just hours away.


New Baby BOOdha Bears

halloween mohair bears baby buddha
tie dye mohair bearhere's the little spookies i was talking about earlier this week! baby BOOdha bear triplets in BOOtiful purple tie dyed mohair. each has unique markings so they're one of a kinds! they are very special and available now on my web site.
have a fun weekend!


rare antique googley eyed mohair dog on ebay!

antique mohair pekingese pug dog bearwoof woof! i'm an antique, circa 1930's mohair pekingese dog. i make a loyal companion for teddy bears and humans :) will you give me a kind loving home? dogs like me with the glass googley eyes don't come around very often! catch me now on ebay!
a long-time fave from my personal collection. isn't he just awesome?! to a good home only.


pink baby buddha

this little swirly pink buddha bear was a special order i completed recently. i've got another pink one in the works...a panda variation. plus 3 spooky babies! they'll be ready for adoption very soon ;)


happy birthday virgos!

hey there. sorry i've been posting so sporadically lately. just been busy doin' rather than writin'. this past week was my mom's and rob's birthdays...2 days apart! i made vegan carrot cake for rob from a moosewood recipe, substituting vegan butter for cow butter. carrot cake spices are just perfect for this time of year. though these tie dyed cupcakes would be pretty awesome too! via glutenfreebaking.com.
in other news: just finished up special orders, sent orders to shops, and knee deep working on new fall creations! the plan is to have a bear/spooky monkey update by end of this month. can i do it?? best be getting back to sewing! have a fabulous weekend :)


sock spied on etsy today

vintage socks cat booknow i want a cat named socks. how perfect is that?!

antique sock stretcher wooden primitiveanother cool sock item. antique wood sock drier/ stretcher.

and similarly... vintage sock-shaped chalk board.

1890's "little boy in formal suit with striped socks". hey, why not?
striped socks seemed to have been a popular look among kids back then:

stripes and plaid. go for it!

you can click on the pics for links to the etsy listings.
now out of the sock vortex and ready to start my day :)


vintage style mohair squirrels on PFATT Marketplace!

do i detect a chilly breeze? fall is indeed in the air! *new* OOAK mohair squirrels "sugar plum" (available) and "little olive" (SOLD). they're inspired by 1950's steiff squirrels. yes, i've been a bit squirrel-crazy lately :) these cuties are available now at PFATT Marketplace! email me to order.

p.s. there are sweet squirrel friends (i always say it like "girl friend", lol) available at Abracadabra (see previous post). crazy lemon lime and purple/pink!

have a fabulous friday!


new bears at abracadabra teddies UK!

mini mohair bearshappy labor day! here's the new gang for abracadabra teddies UK shop!

above top row: *my tiniest squirrels yet* "lymon" and "lemonne" + wee tie dye mohair bear "pepita".
pink n' purple squirrel "lady berri"

couldn't get these silly ones to hold still for the group shot, but they're also new at abracadabra: dancing mini bear necklaces ~ "flip" + "flop" in wild tie dye mohair!
"clover" with amazing hand dyed green mohair w/ black tips on rose pink backing!
antiqued little sweater bears ~ "the charleston twins". all dressed up for back to school :)
i think this is my biggest group yet for abracadabra! this is a sneak peek for you, my special blog readers so hurry to snatch 'em up!


my spidey senses are telling me...

when you see the 2-story high inflatable spiderman, you know it's gonna be a loud one. earplugs will be under my pillow tonight...


fortune cookie message

brought this one home from dinner the other night. especially for those of us who work solo, like i do, it's a nice reminder to enjoy one's own company. play a little music, get outside for a few minutes, make some tea. hope your september is off to a nice start... wow, september already??


pegasus ready for flight

vintage plush pegasus horsean old college buddy of mine found her dear old pegasus who was in need of some TLC. she gutted/ washed him and mailed me his "skin" for restoration. originally he was very overstuffed and wired to stand. my friend wanted him to be more cuddly and able to sit this time around. so i reinforced some loose seams, rag stuffed his body for nice weight, put pellets in his hooves + lower legs with polyfil in the thighs, reattached the wings as was originally, and sewed him up. doesn't he look happy and fresh? he's ready for take off!