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"...they'll always be true"
here are my first bears of the new year! this fab four of sweetness now available on my web site!
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getting dressed!

miniature mohair stick bears

we're putting on our duds and will be ready for adoption later todaaaay!


◆ sneak peek: new mini stick bears ◆

miniature mohair black antique stick bears

yes more teensie stick bears are coming! these guys are a wee 3 1/2" tall. any smaller would require string jointing since i'm already using the tiniest hard disc/ cotter pins there is! you are looking at a pair of black mohair on muted green backing and a pair of lovely white/ sable tie dye. i just love making these. they have their ears on and will be ready for adoption quite sooooon :)

have a fun sun-day! ☀


journeys end: dreadlocks

6 months neglect dreadlocks dreads natural

here's my 6 month progress of natural/ neglect/ free form dreadlocks. i took them out right after these pics were taken- armed with a bottle of conditioner, jojoba oil, a fork and a lot of patience! i managed to detangle 6 months of dreads in a few hours with Rob's help too. it was a cool dreadlock journey and no regrets. it may be hard to see on my dark hair, but i had 3 really solid locks in the back (i called them the 3 musketeers).

natural dreads girl dreadlocks neglect organic 6 months

at 6 months my hair was starting to dread like crazy, though the sides were taking forever to dread. shoulder length hair was shrinking up to chin-length. crazy swiggles, loops and matted knots forming a calligraphy of it's own. though i loved the wildness and organic changes that were occurring, there were some cons:
  • my dreads were picking up lint which showed up easily in dark hair, and i was going cross-eyed tweezering it out. it seems unavoidable unless you cover your hair all the time which i'd rather not do.
  • split ends on old hair, again which showed up easily on dark hair.
  • the pulling feeling at the scalp on some of my more solid dreads.
  • dreads getting caught on jackets, seat belts, etc.
ultimately, i felt the dreadlocks just weren't suiting me. so out they went! then i gave myself a hair cut using the ponytail layering method, which works pretty well:

another good ponytail hair cut tutorial here.
self-reliance is what i'm talking about ;)

stay tuned for bear sneak peek tomorroooow! have a great saturday


wee pups couple

yes, i am still breathing! a lot has happened in one month~ we just returned from our semi-impromtu trip visiting family out east and i took my 6 month dreadlocks out (more on that later). now that we are back, i'm raring to get sewing again! this sweet pair of wee pups i made a while ago (adopted together) but just wanted to show ya :)

i'll be listing some new bears before the end of the month, so stay tuned for sneak peeks too!
have a terrific tuesday