pretty girls make graves

i came across this tender children's grave in harkness park, connecticut. the diminutive tombstones were protected by the wise and twisted limbs of a pair of hundred year old japanese trees.

little annie especially touched my heart...
if you listen tonight, you may hear the children giggling and playing upon the stone bench.
happy haunting on this hallowe'en!


homeward bound...

...under the neon sky.
we made it in late last night from our week long trip out east visiting family.
lots of unpacking and catching up to do.
it's good to be back in chicago (and out of a moving vehicle) though i miss the dark starry skies of connecticut and pennsylvania.
while we were gone, the mammoth sunflower finally bloomed, the green tomatoes were ripening indoors, the BBQ grill blew off the deck from a storm and an aster just uprooted and tumbled away. must've been pretty windy cos i found a leaf in the bathtub!
going to a costume party tonight. have no idea what i'll wear- i always throw stuff together at the last minute. what are your trick or treating plans?
talk soon.. xoxo


etsy treasury ~ we are siamese

hey! my siamese buddha bear-gnome mini sculpture, the bronwyn twins, was featured in etsy treasury "we're siamese". kitties and conjoined creatures... if you please! curated by dobleele.

there are 3 double-headed mini witch buddha bear-gnomes in my etsy shop, prices reduced so they find homes this *all hallows eve*. they are ultra mini sculptures, perfect for that curio cabinet or tiny nook needing a little good magic :)

have a marvelous monday... xoxo


Happy National Feral Cat Day!

feral catsremember these grocery store parking lot kitties? this colony was the one that started it all for me... click here to revisit our story. gosh, it's been 2 years already!

tiger tabby feral cathere is a familiar sight... our neigborhood feral cat Gemini. i see her frequently and always thank myself for getting her spayed. she is looking great and has her thick coat coming in. revisit her 2009 TNR story here.

now that cooler weather is approaching, i really would like to TNR 2 more ferals i've seen out and about; a black and an orange. just need to wrangle a volunteer to help transport them to the clinic cos it's too much stress for me to do single-handedly: the trapping, holding over night in my basement, early 7am clinic drop off/ pick up/ monitor and feed (overnight to 48 hrs for females)/ release. it is a great reward to help these cats and knowing their lives have been improved and preventing further kittens from being born. there are just so many healthy, socialized cats waiting in shelters that need homes.

today and all year round, please spread the good word about feral cats and how people can help with TNR (trap-neuter-release).

revisit my last years National Feral Cat day post here, or click on the category "cats" (in the side bar) to read more feline tales :)

cat on fencebye-bye!


The big October Update is Today!

tie dyed sock monkey
"willow weep for me"... (i love that old jazz tune)
master teddy miniature bearsmini mohair bear necklacecome see all the new sweet treats! spooky (but ever so friendly) tie dyed sock monkeys, new smaller sized mohair bears and fun mini bear necklaces. available for immediate snatching on my web site. enjoy!


*October Update is happening this Thursday*

October Treats!

NEW Spooky Sock Monkeys and Mohair Bears will be posted on my web site this Thursday:

~OCTOBER 14 at 12 noon Central (10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern)~

*international friends: find out what time the update is in your country, click here

See my ORDER page for more info about my updates!



PFATT Marketplace October Ellie!

i'm a very small 3.5" ellie, so one jumbo peanut a day should suffice :) my mohair is a unique discontinued mohair which was then hand-dyed... there is no more of it! a lovely autumny combo of black-tipped copper on dark chocolate backing. yum! come scoop me up on PFATT Marketplace today. a very special PFATT price too. SOLD


spookies soon...very soon!

these tie dyed socks turned out awesome... a hint of things to come! i've got 5 new monkeys to be dressed, a handful of new bears and mini bear necklaces too. aiming to have them ready for adoption next week! will send out an email announcement for date/time of the update. have a silly saturday :)


catching rainbows

last night i was watching Newton's Dark Secrets (Netflix) and how Newton discovered that white light is made up of a spectrum of colors. i thought about that as the morning sun produced a little rainbow on my kitchen wall, reflected from a mirror. pretty interesting documentary, i dozed off as it was getting a bit spooky on the topic of alchemy.

on a totally different subject, i'm miss busy hands sewing away for an October update. my birthday is next week, so that's what i'm aiming for!