*good morning blooms*

Remember my experiment back in June? This bright mix of perennials are the result! I tried a new-to-me technique: the no-till gardening method from an article by Lee Reich I read in Mother Earth News (I read/ memorized the whole article at Lowes while waiting for Rob to finish shopping). Lee Reich has liberated me from digging up turf! Here's another great article too. Our little wild flower patch was sown from seeds and doing quite nicely. Oh what joy to see what's new in the garden every morning... as the summer days gently wane.


cocoa bean snatchers

The early sunsets and cool feeling in the air means that Autumn is on it's way! The buddha bear gnomes know it too - they've dusted off their pointy magical hats to prepare for candy gathering and general high jinks! Tee Hee!

Watch out for these new miniature gnomes... they tend to appear out of nowhere, like just when you take the wrapper off a dark chocolate bar (their ultra sensitive ears pick up on sounds like that).



Strange Fruit II

Sansevieria trifasciata (Mother-in-law's tongue, or Snake Plant). "When happy it produces strange green flowers" says my Indoor Gardening book.

The other night I was struck by a sweet fragrance in our living room. Curious, I went over by the window and inhaled the evening air, but it wasn't coming from outside. Then I noticed the intense fragrance coming from the snake plant right next to the window! It releases it's perfume only at night- like a nocturnal secret.

I've had this plant for some 8 years, repotted maybe once (really due for another repotting) and never have I seen the strange blooms it is capable of producing until now. I guess it is a very happy plant! And that makes me happy :)



Peekaboo + Piggy

Spirit Bear necklaces for October 11th Bear Show

Les yeux sans visage - Eyes Without a Face

In progress: my first mohair *PIGGIES*! I just need to paint+varnish+attach the sculpted noses+ add eyes (gee is that all?)

Have a fabulous weekend ^w^


Strange Fruit

I thought it may have been an out of control weed growing behind the compost bin...

Then upon closer inspection, I saw this mystery plant was growing out of the compost bin!

It's strong curling vines had already made great advancement climbing along the fence. Seemingly overnight!

Would you guess it is a cantaloupe plant? Propagated from a discarded cantaloupe seed. I'm eagerly monitoring the fruits progress. Fingers crossed something delicious will come of it!


Some of my favorites

If I could ever snatch a Treasury to curate on Etsy, these are a few enchanting items I would include:

Elephant in an envelope by Lemmikkiapina

Ceramic monster pot by skeletaldropkick

Reading the Stars embroidery by MiniatureRhino

Little french guinguette by De Beaux Souvenirs

Tiny chick in birdcage by Fuzzibax

Monster dolls of recycled fabrics by JunkerJane

* have a relaxing Sunday *


No-Sew Sari Curtain

A while back I mentioned on Facebook about my sari curtain project for the bedroom. Well, finally I'm sharing with you the pics and details of this super easy, super cheap DIY project. Above is the before/ after. Sorry about that bed post~ it's a small room, with a queen sized bed!

First thing you'll need is a curtain rod. Nothing fancy here. It's from IKEA and only $1.99! We were looking for a thin metal rod, in white, that was much like the original rods on the windows when we bought this 1920's house. I threw all those away 'cos I was freaked that they may be coated in lead paint. Anyhoo, IKEA IRJA curtain rod set (minus the plastic "teething ring" finials), cut down to size.

For our small room, I wanted to add the illusion of height. So we hung the rod high up on the wall as possible. This allows plenty of room for the sari to drape and pool.

The cafe clips + tie backs are by Allen+Roth from Lowe's. I was so pleased to find these tie backs, as the space is tight and most tie backs stick out too far from the wall. These slim dangle hooks were the perfect solution, and I love the vintage white finish. The tie backs were the most expensive pieces of this project, around $12 a pop.

Okay, now for the fabric! I used 2 sari's I picked up at the thrift shop a few years ago. I layered them together to add privacy, plus the transparent colors create stunning effects. One sari is shorter than the other, but no matter- it still looks great layered.

For each sari:
- Fold in half lengthwise, and cut= now you have a pair of curtains.
- Layer one of each color together, take the raw cut edge and fold a tiny bit into the ring clips.
- Stand back and admire the great job you did!

The beauty of this no-sew curtain is that you can reverse the saris if you get bored, or interchange with different saris. Simple bohemian elegance. How easy was that?

*BTW, it took us 2 years to finally get proper window treatments on that bedroom window (stapled up fabric does NOT count!) :oP


Are you feeling Friday?

A few Friday pics :) I sleep about 3 feet from where I work. See the old Pfaff?

It's been quite a long week and it certainly feels like Friday. Went to step class twice this week, 2 days in row, and it kicked my butt a plenty. Just finished stuffing 20 bear necklaces for the October show, and still lots more to do! (One) Goal this weekend: get ink for the printer. Recently it ran out of red ink, and by the time I replaced it suddenly the green and black cartridges are empty (and I didn't even use it in between!). There must be an ink drinking goblin about with expensive taste, cos this pigment ink costs a small fortune. Tis the price for archival-ness!

What are your plans this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!


Here They Are!

Cheesecake: 4 3/4" seated Buddha Bear. Fabulous tipped/ hand dyed Schulte mohair, hand painted glass eyes, polyfil/ encased steel BB's, jointed tiny limbs, vintage feedsack bow. One of a kind. $225. SOLD

(L-R) Midmints and Cheesecake Junior *Spirit Bear* Necklaces

Midmints: a wee 2 1/2", 4 kinds of hand dyed green mismatched mohair, hand painted glass eyes, polyfil, vintage bells/ beads, etc. One of a kind. $58 SOLD

Cheesecake Junior: 3" of fuzziness, fabulous tipped/ hand dyed Schulte mohair and hand dyed green ears, hand painted glass eyes, polyfil, vintage bells/ beads, etc. One of a kind. $55 SOLD

Both have a securely attached ring on back to accommodate a neck strap or latch hook to use as a purse fob (just let me know which you prefer).

To place an order e-mail me: peng[at]peng-peng.com


New Bears! Mini Update Tomorrow!

Join me right here on my blog for a *mini bear update*!
August 11th at 12 noon central (10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern)
~that's TOMORROW folks! :)


New Bears this week!

This is one of my favorite mohairs right now: Brown-black tipped faded rose pink. Wow! A fine Buddha Bear it will make ;)

Another little bear in progress for this week.

and a whole lotta Spirit Bear necklaces in the works for October 11th Teddy Bear Show! (see left sidebar for details).

The NEW OOAK bears will be posted early this week right here on my blog!! It will be a mini update, about 3-4 bears. I'll be sure to send an email announcement when I figure out the exact time.

Have a lovely Sunday~ xoxo


Eight for Today

A few snaps around my studio. Finally cleaned and organized (most of it) and making a mess again already. The Organ needles foil wrapper I swear is identical to Wrigley's chewing gum. So whenever I take out a new needle, I want gum!

Have a wonderful Wednesday ^_^


Current + Belated Thank Yous

There's been a few nice shout-outs that have happened this summer, and I'm seriously way behind with the thank-yous! So before I tarry any longer, here's the most recent: cindylouwho2 put together a light hearted Etsy Treasury featuring items "Found using search term BALD". Gotta love that. And guess who popped up? KLAY MAN #1! This Treasury expires Monday Aug 3 (that's tomorrow) so be sure to visit it and check out Cindy's fabulous jewelry shop. P.S. I'm also thinking the KLAY MAN's will make adorable wee ghosties for Halloween!

Next up: (you will get a kick out of this) Fellow cat-lover, ginger ale-sipper, and artist named Cathy Peng awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award", way back in June. Read about it on her blog. Cathy has cute cat-themed items (but of course!) in her Etsy shop. TY Miss Peng!

And last but not least, Emma of Little Brown Rabbit (love that name) tagged me in June. Here's the link to her blog post about it. I'm so flattered to be tagged, but just don't have the time or energy right now to do the long Q+A. You'd be surprised how long these 'regular' blog posts take me to write :) But I can say for trivia sake, I too had pet rabbits back when I was a youngin'.

Bald, Bunnies and Cat lovers. Who would guess? :O)