Current + Belated Thank Yous

There's been a few nice shout-outs that have happened this summer, and I'm seriously way behind with the thank-yous! So before I tarry any longer, here's the most recent: cindylouwho2 put together a light hearted Etsy Treasury featuring items "Found using search term BALD". Gotta love that. And guess who popped up? KLAY MAN #1! This Treasury expires Monday Aug 3 (that's tomorrow) so be sure to visit it and check out Cindy's fabulous jewelry shop. P.S. I'm also thinking the KLAY MAN's will make adorable wee ghosties for Halloween!

Next up: (you will get a kick out of this) Fellow cat-lover, ginger ale-sipper, and artist named Cathy Peng awarded me the "One Lovely Blog Award", way back in June. Read about it on her blog. Cathy has cute cat-themed items (but of course!) in her Etsy shop. TY Miss Peng!

And last but not least, Emma of Little Brown Rabbit (love that name) tagged me in June. Here's the link to her blog post about it. I'm so flattered to be tagged, but just don't have the time or energy right now to do the long Q+A. You'd be surprised how long these 'regular' blog posts take me to write :) But I can say for trivia sake, I too had pet rabbits back when I was a youngin'.

Bald, Bunnies and Cat lovers. Who would guess? :O)


The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Hello! Thank you for including me in your post :)
See you on Twitter!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Bald and bunny kinda goes together,,,,you could make a bald bunny ya know.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi pp!
oh what wonderful honors and awards.

your work is so inspiring and makes everyone who sees it so happy!

thank you so much for sharing it with the world!