new epattern - yuku!

as promised... yuku epattern is now in the shop! i went over the instructions with a fine tooth comb, however feel free to email me with any questions you may have. this is a deluxe pattern with lots of tutorial pics and tips (like the wasabi epattern). i think you will enjoy it!


new epattern - harlie harlequin

harlequin mohair bearmohair bear purple
now in my etsy shop: harley harlequin ePattern. this adorable bear pattern features a wobble joint head, center seam face, 4 piece body to show off up to 4 different colors of mohair!

stay tuned for a *deluxe* yuku epattern soon to follow...


i'd be safe and warm...

...if i was you-know-where.
hey there! we're back from our week long california trip and readjusting to chicago weather (boo-hoo). as one often feels after a trip, i am simultaneously rejuvenated and exhausted. we had a wonderful time staying with friends in pasadena, visiting art museums, gardens, malibu, topanga, and had what may possibly be the best pad thai ever.

march is around the bend! i'm planning for my march bear update and have some shop orders to complete. and *new* ePatterns will be in my etsy shop before end of this month. lots to look forward to!


happy valentines! ❤

miss branch and blue buddy. pleased to make your acquaintance!

they are finally up on my web site for adoption.
have a sweet, chocolate-y, love-filled day :)


boy stick bear

he's a fella fer sure! something about him just says "country boy". his mohair is indeed "bobo blue" -like the bear in my blu bobo epattern. well, i was soooo close to having him ready today but ran out of daylight to do proper pics. tomorrow he will be up for adoption, wearing cotton overalls and lookin' for love :) sorry to keep you hanging with the sneak peeks!

sunday stick bear

mohair antique stick bear this gal is looking very antique-y! will show you her and another friend later today... what a fun sunday it is!


new valentines bears today!

so, what type do you go for- hulk (left) or honey (right)? well, they are both equally sweet guys vying for your attention in their romance vests :)
be warned, they've got only ONE thing on their minds...
connect the dots and what do you get? Daddy Dots! He also goes by alias Daddy D, DD, Double D, Dee Dot, Sir Dot Alot, or simply Loverman.
Twiggy, the prim and pretty stick bear. the quiet shy type :) let's meet over coffee.
Tibet - from my personal collection, circa 2005. a very special talisman/ good luck bear. for the nomadic, mystical, world traveler type.

Hope you love 'em! I tried for six bears today, but the last one is in progress and will be ready this weekend. it's a different stick bear -not to keep you in too much suspense :)


pfatt february bear

meet teensy gal Val (short for Valentines) - february PFATT marketplace offering. she was adopted this morning, thank u! sorry no final sneak peek for my update tomorrow.. i've still got another hour of sewing to do before calling it a night :) web update tomorrow at 12 noon central ❤


valentines update this friday!

the valentines update ❤ is happening this friday, february 11th at 12 noon central (10am pacific/ 11am mtn/ 1pm eastern) on my web site! *international friends, click here for time conversion.

there will be an intimate group of one-of-a-kind bears and some in *new designs* to be unveiled....like the bears above - a new design of compact chubbiness :) oh yessssss.
check back tomorrow for the final sneak peek aaaannnd see what little february friend i have created for PFATT marketplace (the 10th of every month).

sweetest dreams xoxo


stick bear

my, how different he looks now that he's taken shape! just needs some duds to keep his li'l body warm. stick bear has a very primitive, quirky look- don't ya think?
PFATT marketplace february offering sneak peek (unveiling on the 10th).
getting very close to announcing the date for the valentines update. i'm aiming for half dozen bears. back to sewing!



early in the morning

up and at 'em before the sunrise. that's how i love to start my day! yes, even on saturday. here's a quiet moment with Yuku. she's being spoiled while awaiting a forever home. chai tea and muffins are her favorites. she is currently available btw. oh! her ePattern is in progress -i didn't forget! expect at least 2 new ePatterns to be in the shop this month :)

a little sunbath to wash away the blizzard blues first thing in the morning...

a prototype for a new design, my take on the classic stick bear.
i'm working on new pieces for a valentine's update this week! february is just whizzing by. well, at least that means we are that much closer to spring, lol.

have a fun day!


planet snow part II

looks who's baaack-- snow creatures! remember them from last february?
i think i have "shoveler's-elbow" from clearing the porch and cutting a narrow walking path out front through 4' deep snow drifts. now i get to rest :)
i saw a seagull glide serenely overhead, as we humans (featherless bipeds- as Plato once said) laboriously dig out mountains of snow on the ground. oh, to be a bird. even though it's freezing outside, you get my gist.
no strength left to type anymore... need-hot-beverage. is 3:47pm too early for hot cocoa with a shot of brandy? please say it's okay!



(here comes the blizzard, right on schedule)
coffee. check. oj. check. bread. check. rice. check. candles. check.
lucky are thoust who live in semi tropical climates! we are bracing for an historic blizzard tonight and tomorrooooowwwww. what the heck is thunder-snow???
  • BLIZZARD WARNING FROM 3 P.M. TUESDAY TO 3 P.M. WEDNESDAY. Light snow flurries from a wintry overcast much of the day. NE winds strengthen 14 to 28 mph. Gusts topping 30 mph before evening. Steady storm snowfall spreads in from the south mid and late afternoon. Full-blown blizzard this evening and tonight. Serious blowing/drifting as gusts build to 40-50 mph. Bursts of thunder-snow and periods with less than a quarter mile visibility. Blizzard or near blizzard conditions persist into Wednesday morning. Totals: 14-22 inches by Wednesday afternoon.
  • Wednesday
    Blizzard conditions start the day (how wonderful!) with heavy accumulating snow and north winds gusting to 50 mph combining to give whiteout conditions in open areas. As snow lets up in Chicago, it intensifies over Indiana later in the day.
let's hope the roof stays on the house! oh, i shouldn't even say that... (what was that creaking sound?) stay warm my fellow wintered folk!