Small Magazine | Winter 09

As I'm preparing for my big web site Holiday Update on Monday Dec 7th, I was pleasantly surprised to discover my bear "Hershey" featured in Small Magazine, Winter 09 issue! If you're unfamiliar with Small, it's a really fresh + cool on-line children's magazine. Thanks to Nicole of Astulabee (her amazing woodland creature is also featured), for giving me the good news via Facebook. BTW, feel free to join the fun on my Facebook page (see sidebar). I post little tidbits there regularly :)
Good news! For Monday's update, I will have 2 "Hershey" style bears (sneak peek above) each is one-of-a-kind in new smaller sizes! Weeeee!

We've got crunchy snow here in Chicago today. Thankfully my studio is warm and there are rations of hot cocoa :) Happy Friday!

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