on the wings of the wind

yesterday morning an incredible flock of 33 geese passed over our home. i'm glad to have been looking out the window just at the right time. geese are a common sight in this area yet i am always awe struck by the beauty of their flight. whether it be a single bird or 100.

migrating flockanother flock of a different feather passed by yesterday afternoon. this flock numbered 31 birds. Rob had mentioned he saw what he presumed to be the biggest *flock of seagulls (*no pun on the band intended) the day before. as luck would have it, yesterday he was in the yard and i noticed his gaze fixed upon the sky...
migrating birds november...observing poetry in motion.
migrating birds over chicago
"But you were never made, as I, on the wings of the winds to fly! The eagle said."~ 1911, Will Carleton, poet.
migrating geese midwest i cannot readily identify these aerial friends from my rudimentary knowledge of bird breeds, but seagulls they are not. cranes maybe? they emitted the most gentle and soft pigeon/dove-like cooing, a beautiful and melancholy sound... if you know what birds they are, please do leave a comment and let me know. i was enchanted by them.

winged migration
bon voyage my friends! how i would love to fly away with you.

*thank you Chicago for being the first US city to dim tall building lights to save birds' lives during migration season. to learn more visit Lights Out at Audubon.org and Lights Out Chicago.

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