pfatt marketplace november ellie

PFATT Marketplace update is today! my november offering is an adorable behatted mini elephant *peppermints* named appropriately after his gorgeous red tipped silver mohair on mint green backing. it's a marvelous color combo and *peppermints* shows it off well. he is one of a kind, and offered at a very special PFATT price, see his listing here. SOLD, thank you!


Deb Brown said...

Just wanted to tell you I love your work! Read your bio and I wish I didn't own a TV..... how much more I would get done if I didn't! Peppermints is just precious!

Peng Peng said...

Thanks for your kind words Deb! Getting rid of the TV is not as hard as you think! Put a blanket over it and just haul away, do NOT look into the screen, lol :)

Andrew John Budds said...

oh! what a beautiful colour combination! love the little hat too, adorable x