giant sunflowerour first giant sunflower! i planted about 5 seeds but one dominated the others and took over. the overhead powerlines aren't very picturesque, but it's the city and that's how it is. the squirrels use them quite effectively as aerial bridges. speaking of squirrels...
gray squirrel sunbathingsquirrel on tree
i looked out my window one chilly morning and saw this little guy sunbathing absolutely motionless on the tree trunk for a good long while. enjoy it while you can, right?

feral tabby catwe were graced with another Gemini sighting today. a real close encounter... our back deck! Rob ushered me into the kitchen "hurry hurry, shhhh.... don't scare her away". i said she can't hear us through the thick deck doors ;) it was so comforting to see a kitty nearby while having morning coffee. we miss the company of felines. i couldn't leave the room until she left.

feral tabby cathave a fantastic weekend! hope there's sunshine on ya. xoxo

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