slow journey

you may recall i mentioned earlier this month i had sent a group of new bears to abracadabra teddies UK shop. well, they still have not arrived. sadly, they missed their target arrival to be included in the big birthday party november 20th :( i just hope at this point they are safe and warm, and it's just a simple matter of being delayed at customs or something. will keep you posted if i hear anything.
vintage sock monkeythis is norman, a classic "antiqued" sock monkey. he's the last monkey needing a home over at the wonderful Collins Gifts. he's hoping to join your holiday festivities (just keep him away from the egg nog, if you want any left for yourself). need i mention how talented monkeys are at the art of xmas tree decorating? hand him some tinsel and let him do his thang. *reminder, there will be no more monkeys until 2011*!

we are enjoying thanksgiving leftovers tonight... again! and down to that last slice of apple pie. enjoy the rest of black friday weekend!

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